SoapZone Community: Politics Message Board SoapZone Community: Politics en-us Sat, 01 Oct 2016 07:01:05 -0700 October (Surprise?) Political Discussion Jazzy, 4 replies, 108 views Fri, 30 Sep 2016 17:29:01 -0700 Everything is everything DISCUSS! Debate #1 watching live.... Emma, 199 replies, 582 views Mon, 26 Sep 2016 18:01:38 -0700 I feel a little sick. Facebook wants millions in no taxes for about 50 jobs in data center kll, no replies, 162 views Mon, 19 Sep 2016 17:01:31 -0700 Facebook needed a new data center in the west and pitted states against each other for the “jobs.” It will result in a capital investment of $250 million (I assume construction and building costs) and would result in 30 to 50 long-term jobs. For the privilege of having a business with the name of “Facebook” there were several states in contention. West Jordan, Utah was one of them. When the county mayor heard about it he made it public stating he felt the millions in lost tax revenue didn’t justify the shor… Have you or anyone you know been polled for the Presidential election? DarkAngel, 18 replies, 374 views Sun, 18 Sep 2016 13:49:28 -0700 When they talk about polls, I'm often curious of who they are polling...I have my suspicions, but I'm just curious... Have you been polled? If so, what state do you live in? Do you live in a large county, small county? Does your county usually usually vote Dem or Republican? We're you polled by phone or in person? If someone you know has been polled...same questions. I was polled once, when I lived in Chester County, PA which skews Republican. I have never been polled while living in Philadelphia or Delawar… September Political Discussion Post - we inch closer to election day Viola, 561 replies, 1,481 views Thu, 01 Sep 2016 16:43:20 -0700 Jazzy, hope you don't mind, but didn't want there to be date confusion & it was past time that you could edit your subject line. Carry on. And anyone have a great state/local election going on to mix it up? August Political Discussion - 67 Days until the election Jazzy, 1 reply, 222 views Thu, 01 Sep 2016 16:09:17 -0700 Polling are tightening as expected. Debates in a few weeks. Emotions are high. Discuss!