SoapZone Community: Politics Message Board SoapZone Community: Politics en-us Mon, 23 Jan 2017 08:04:51 -0800 January Politics Post 2: Game on Jazzy, 161 replies, 414 views Fri, 20 Jan 2017 16:24:08 -0800 The other post is very long and it's a good time to start anew. Inauguration Post Jazzy, 93 replies, 514 views Thu, 19 Jan 2017 17:58:12 -0800 Like it or hate it, it's happening. Post away!!! Obama Appreciation Post for his last week... Springtime, 233 replies, 502 views Sat, 14 Jan 2017 21:26:58 -0800 Since we are in the last week of Obama's term, I thought we could use this post to reflect the last 8 years and share memes, videos, favorite memories, favorite pictures, favorite anything about the Obamas. I just saw this tribute video on YT and I had tears running down my face by the end that I wasn't expecting. What are your favorite Barack, Michelle, Joe, Jill, etc. memories from the last 8 years? Women's March for Equality and Social Justice -- January 21 Kitchop, 30 replies, 354 views Fri, 13 Jan 2017 10:48:46 -0800 For those interested in participating on January 21, here's a link to info about the march in Washington DC on January 21, including info about transportation to DC. For those who can't be in DC that day, this link also has a list of the hundreds of sister marches planned for the same day at many locations throughout the US and around the world. Click on the location you're interested in for local details: Healthcare Reform Watch: January 2017 Kitchop, 50 replies, 454 views Tue, 10 Jan 2017 13:29:40 -0800 I care about many things but, as a recent cancer survivor who gets her healthcare access via the ACA, there is nothing I care more about than the fate of healthcare in this country. For myself. For my loved ones. For every American. So I thought I'd start a post dedicated to keeping an eye on all things healthcare: ACA (Obamacare), Medicare, Medicaid, repeal, replace, delay, universal, free marketl. Pending legislation, action you can take. Anything related to the healthcare reform sought by conservatives..… Two Articles On 50 Trump Electors Being "Illegal" Proteus1816, no replies, 186 views Thu, 05 Jan 2017 20:08:28 -0800 This one from Then this from Alternet: At Least 50 Trump Electors Were Illegitimately Seated as Electoral College Members Just a few paragraphs from this article: More than 50 Electoral College members who voted for Donald Trump were ineligible to serve as presidential electors because they did not live in the congressional districts they represented or held elective office in states legally barring dual officeholders. That stunning finding is among the conclusions of an extensive 1,000-pl… January Politics Post Kris, 904 replies, 1,067 views Sun, 01 Jan 2017 06:28:09 -0800 The December one fell off the board overnight :) Post away!!!!