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Ugh B&B, why can't I quit you???

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Date: Wed, 02-Mar-2016 6:18:49 PM PST
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So when does a character, ANY character, mention to Wyatt “Remember the last time you got married? To Liam’s quick rebound ex? Remember how that turned out?” This story line is so crazy. I have to admit that Rena Sofer really sells it for me, I feel her weird yearning with Liam, but this is not going to end well. LOL The Wyatt/Steffy stuff just makes me uncomfortable. I like Wyatt, I root for Wyatt, but this is making him so desperate. If I was going to make a prediction on the next twist in this story, I would say the truth comes out (and we all know Steffy would break speed records running to Liam) but she’ll find out she’s pregnant. Ugh, the brother swapping is not cool.

I get the sense with the Katie/Bill/Brooke story I’m supposed to feel bad for Brooke, but I don’t. I really liked Katie going off on Brooke, she spoke a lot of truth. But then half the cast had to go to Brooke to tell her how wrong Katie was. Maybe don’t invite Brooke to Katie’s HOME to talk about her? Brooke and Bill deserve each other, they’re both gross. Does anyone really believe that Bill is the love of Brooke’s life? Really?

I really like the Thomas/Caroline vibe (I tend to like Caroline in any pairing, tbh), but I am so uncomfortable with this secret. I need this part of the story to be over.

I kind of love how Rick is still such a spoiled brat. I was afraid they were going to change the character after he married Maya, but he’s still such a baby around his dad. Storming off because Ridge put Stephanie’s portrait back up. Ugh. At least it gives poor old Brooke someone to talk to. Bridget coming back made me remember that I didn’t miss her. Was she always this … toothless?

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