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Date: Sat, 02-Apr-2016 1:10:52 PM PDT
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For the week of April 4th

A confused Liam demands answers from Eve; Wyatt and Steffy joyfully celebrate their love and new life as husband and wife.

Katie gets caught in the act of deception, so she plays on Brooke's guilt and her recent promise; Liam's constant questioning causes Quinn's dark side to reemerge, catching Liam off guard

Bill calls on his closest confidant to find Liam; the floodgates of Liam's memories open wide when he is accidentally reunited with a loved one.

Quinn commits a desperate act to save herself and get Wyatt on her side of things; Bill brings Steffy on board and the two discuss theories on Liam's whereabouts.

Liam is overwhelmed by his current set of circumstances and the memories that have returned; Wyatt and Liam turn the tables on Quinn and make a run for home.

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