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I am soooooo ready for all of Salem to find out what Kristen did. I can't take m spoiler

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Date: Thu, 31-Oct-2013 4:20:54 PM PDT
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my girl, Nic, being accused of Kristen's evil. I am hoping as Eric is about to pronounce Brady and Kristen as husband and wife, that
Eric remembers it was Kkristen who raped him and goes off on her.

This story is hard to watch. Poor Nic. At least Daniel, who seems to be in everyone's story now lol, comforted her. And, Marlena found Kristen's flash drive with her and Eric.

In other Salem news, Ann is very diligent at her job. She is a hoot. She is making good points about what a cad would have done to Teresa and the measures he'd have taken to cover them up. However, Daniel is not a cad so she needs to stop trying to get him in trouble.

I like how she takes her job so seriously. This past summer she had me rolling when she told the newly hired Teresa if she didn't turn in her paperwork to human resources, she wouldn't get paid. That was realistic.

I give Ann an A for doing her job.

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