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Fast, Biased Summary of Days' Current Plots

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Date: Thu, 23-Jan-2014 6:18:14 AM PST
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For any OLTL lurkers who want to know what Kassie dePaiva is getting herself into...

A Story: The "Death" of Nick Fallon

Nick Fallon was a sweet, nerdy, good guy in the Horton tradition. He went a little nuts and went to prison, where he was raped. He came out as a vile, homophobic Bad Guy who was particularly bad to his cousin Will Horton, who had just come out of the closet and was heading for true love with Jackson "Sonny" Kiriakis (named after his uncle Jack Deveraux). In a night of self-loathing, Will had impregnated his ex-girlfriend Gabi, who promptly fell for Nick. There were small amends made when baby Ari was born... but Nick promptly went off the deep end and was killed, or more likely "killed" during an attack on Gabi.

Gabi, Sonny, Will, Kate (Will's grandmother), Sami (Will's mother), and EJ (Sami's fiance) have all done a certain amount of covering up on the matter of Nick's death. Unfortunately for them, Nick's family is asking questions. Julie, who is the closest thing the Hortons have to a matriarch, has been asking anyone and everyone about Nick. She has gotten Hope (another Horton cousin and a cop-type) involved. And Abby-- an age cohort of Gabi/Sonny/Nick/Will-- is also putting pieces together.

And it turns out that the only way EJ could throw Abby off the trail was to have tons of hot cheating sex with her.

Against this backdrop, Sonny proposed to Will. Will said not yet.

B Story: The Fall of Father Eric

Because DiMeras like to do ****ty things, Kristen DiMera seduced Brady Black and drugged/raped his "brother" Eric (technically step-brother, but Brady's mother raised Eric and Eric's mother raised Brady, so...). Eric had recently returned to Salem having become a priest. The reveal of the Kristen's hot priestly sex tape led Brady, a recovering addict, to fall off the wagon and blame Eric. In AA meetings, Brady is beginning to spar with Theresa (whose real name is Jeannie, dammit!), who he recently learned is not his cousin.

The newly defrocked Eric, meanwhile, first suspected that Nicole, his first love from the 1997-Jensen Ackles days, had been the one to rape him. He learned that she had not, and also learned that he loved her. They are trying to track down the doctor who facilitated the rape while angstily lovingly gazing at each other.

Because Dr. Dan must be everywhere, he is helping them. And there's some romantic possibility between Dan/Nicole.

Eric is Sami's twin brother, and she held out on EJ because he helped cover up his sister Kristen's dirty deeds. (It bugs her that a DiMera raped her brother, but she thought it was foreplay when a DiMera raped her.) This was another reason EJ was so eager to jump Abby in Plot A.

C Story: The Boringness of Saint Dan

Jennifer loves Dan because he's the bestest ever. Oh, you've heard of Jack and Jennifer and thought THEY were the epic couple? FORGET THAT! DAN, DAN, DAN!

Jack/Jennifer's son JJ was mixed up with drugs and the older Theresa. Dan is pretending to have spent the night with Theresa to cover JJ's butt. Because Dan is JJ's hero. Jack/Jennifer's kids (the above-mentioned Abby being the other one) just love them some Dan.

D Story: Jordan's Past

Jordan came to Salem to help out Rafe (cop-type and Gabi's older brother) with his physical therapy. Naturally, they fell in love.

This annoyed Kate, who had previously been enjoying her some (much younger) Rafe. She decided to dig up some dirt on Jordan's past, and found it in the form of her ex-roommate Sheryl. Kate asked her son Lucas to pretend to interview Sheryl for her job. Lucas ended up not only hiring Sheryl, but seeing in her his first chance to get some loving in ages.

Lucas and Rafe have apparently formed a support group for men who survived being married to Sami and thrown over for her rapist. At least, I think that's what I read between the lines. Anyway, they now like to hang out together with their Deep Secret Having ladies.

E Story: Badass Ciara

Hope's other half, Bo, vanished due to a contract dispute. Their awesome smartass young daughter Ciara isn't taking it well. She's now busily bullying other students at school... and sparks are about to fly between her victim's father and Hope.


And I have no idea where KDP would fit in.

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