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EJ and Abby - So Wrong But So Right!! spoiler

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Date: Wed, 29-Jan-2014 7:46:04 AM PST
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THIS is what you call some soap goodness.

And I guess because I'm a Sami/EJ hater I can't look at this Abby affair has doomsday for Days. It's actually made me tune in each day to see them on screen.

No...I don't take Abby is going to save EJ.

...I don't take EJ is going to fall madly in love with her.

...I don't think he is the love of her life or vice versa.

...I don't think they are right for each other at all.

BUT...I do think they are HOT!!!

At first I was creeped out because the Abigail actress was still looking young to me. But like that, just in a matter of a few intimate scenes with James Scott, the actress has stepped it up big time. She became this petite fiery woman in a matter of episodes. You sort of want to turn away when her and EJ are in a scene but then you want them to push forward.

It's funny because I was reading feedback about Abigail being seductive, trying to use the situation to get EJ some more and being manipulative. Who does that sound like?!!!!mmmmm....a certain blonde name Sami in her early years. Ha! It's quite hilarious. I will admit I hated Sami during her Carrie/Austin days but I don't have any investment with Sami and EJ so it's refreshing to have a seat and eat my popcorn on this one.

This??? HOT.

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