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I don't want Nicole and Eric together and other assorted thoughts

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Date: Wed, 12-Mar-2014 11:53:01 AM PDT
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I'm about a week behind but this board seems so deserted(which is sad because DOOL is still on the air)

Nicole/Eric- I love Nicole she's one of my favorites however they keep pairing her with guys I don't care for I say the only pairing I have liked her with in recent years was EJ but since Sami will always be his obsession yeah I rather they never interact again.

Nicole has her flaws being self destructive is one of them and even I think she can do better than Eric. Not to long ago he accused her of raping him. I was hoping Nicole would have stayed mad at him a lot longer over it but to no avail however when it comes out that Nicole lied to him about Chyka I bet he'll be allowed to stay mad a lot longer.

And don't get me started are the sanctimonious hypocrisy of Marlena and Sami when it comes to her.

Really free Nicole I mean bring someone new Sonny has brothers right?

Speaking of Sonny well cast that he looks like WK's son. however I don't care about him and Will. Especially nuWill since I don't see any chemistry with him or any of his relatives.

Rafe/Jordan- FF material I mean I find Rafe meh and I'm okay with Jordan but they have no chem.

EJ/Sami/Abby- About time this show acknowledges the sick relationship Ejami have. I mean its becoming a punchline first Gabi now Will. Abby is a lot more interesting with this storyline but she is still giving me a Fatal Attraction vibe.

Ejabby is a bit sick in its own right but at least consent was never an issue.

Gabi/Nick- I actually do like them together but I need Gabi to be a bit more manipulative and not as dumb if I really want her and Nick to last as a dysfunctional pair.

Ciara is a future Sami in training

I don't mind Hope/Aiden so far about time Hope is allowed to move on with her life.

Daniel/Jennifer- ZZZ but I hate Daniel(which surprises me because I was a SC fan). I don't hate Jennifer but I admit I don't like her as much as I used to I still remember who she used to be before Daniel came along.

I don't care about Brady's pain

I also don't like Theresa which saddens me since I like her parents.

I like JJ though

Wish they gave Justin/Adrienne more to do goodness knows I rather see them than most of the other characters on this show.

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