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So why am I supposed to root for Eric/Nicole?

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Date: Sat, 05-Apr-2014 7:15:49 AM PDT
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I probably could ask this about most of the couples on this show but Eric/Nicole bug me the most the others I can at least FF if need be.

However Nicole is one of my faves so of course it bugs me that she's with someone who doesn't accept her for who she is and well is just too meh for her.

First Eric tells Nicole he can't have sex with her because he wants to be married first. That I can accept and find an interesting change of pace except...

Then he says he can't marry her because of her past and being a divorcee never mind that he's known Nicole for nearly 20 years now. I mean its not as if she's lied to him in that regard. And really take a look at his mom and sister with their multiple marriages....

If Eric wanted a good girl he should've stayed with Greta but he cheated on her with Nicole. He's like Sami on some level he wants to be with someone bad but he wants to be the "good one" in the relationship and lord it over them.

However he tells others he wants to marry her. And what galls me about all of this is that Nicole is lying to Eric for nothing. I would get it if he wanted to marry her etc but he doesn't. He's just stringing her along. And when he finds out the truth we'll continue to hear how she's beneath him. She's willing to change for him but he won't for her.

I rather they have Eric/Nicole stay at odds over him falsely accusing her of rape because that's the most honest reaction out of Eric when it comes to Nicole.

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