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So I'm waiting for Daniel to walk on water and other assorted thoughts

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Date: Sat, 19-Apr-2014 10:01:59 AM PDT
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I mean I thought GH propping Jason was bad(and it was)

But I think the over the top Daniel worship is getting there.

Maxine crying over Daniel being suspended.. really?

Brady giving up drinking for Daniel never mind that the rest of his family has been wanting him to stop drinking and yet Daniel gives him the resolve to go on.

JJ breaking dates for Daniel.

I mean really I like Shawn Christian(moreso in his other roles than this one) but I really hate Daniel especially since they whitewash the crap he has pulled in the past.

Apparently Daniel is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


The rest of the show:

I like JJ don't really care about Paige although she reminds me of a young Sydney Penny

If Daniel/Jennifer are going to be a couple put them to the backburner like the do for the other characters on this show that could use a storyline(Justin/Adrienne, Lucas etc)

Poor Lucas a woman shows interest in him not named Sami and she has to go. I liked Sheryl and while I don't get why they slept together they do have chemistry and were more interesting than Jordan/Rafe. I'm wondering if Sheryl will come back with a kid in tow. I mean did we ever see them go on a date? Would've been nice but then we needed more worship of Dr. Dan...

Speaking of Jordan/Rafe still FF material I mean I liked CS on AMC as Amanda but Jordan is such a dud and Rafe is meh.

Kate needs to get a life

Abby seems directionless since the affair with EJ ended. I'm starting to wonder what the point of was. Unless its to facilitate a Lucas/Sami reunion because I feel that's where this show is heading and Sheryl will come back with kid in tow(speculation)

Nicole/Eric bugged me a lot less this week that being said I hope the truth comes out so Nicole can move on to someone more interesting for her.

Which brings me to Liam despite him being a psycho as OTT I actually like that he has an edge and he's a lot more interesting to me now I kind of liked his scenes with Nicole not really sure they would ever have any coupling potential given how he's blackmailing her.. but its a soap worse has happened.

I like Hope/Aiden but I keep expecting Bo to come back at some point.

I liked Brady/Theresa even if I don't care for either of them much individually.

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