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RIP Lonely Splicer: A Nick Fallon Memorial

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Date: Mon, 12-May-2014 7:33:46 PM PDT
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A Nick Fallon tribute, skimming over the bad parts.

Because if soaps can whitewash, I certainly can.

Nick’s introduction was one of the best introductions I’ve ever seen on a soap. Over the course of his first two episodes, the writers played with preconceptions-- both of the audience and of the characters-- in a fun, clever way. Was this new Nick guy just a walking stereotype of a science nerd? If he was, was he still worth getting to know? Or was he secretly much more socially adept than he let on? Or was his confidence just carrying him through and more than making up for how off-center he was?

Days did the setup for Nick’s first appearance with a little tongue-in-cheek history.

Maggie: While you were changing, your cousin Nick showed up unexpectedly.

Abby: My cousin Nick?

Maggie: Nick Fallon, Jessica and Joshua’s son.

Abby: ::doesn’t know what Maggie is talking about::

Maggie: Okay, his grandmother’s Marie Horton.

Abby: The nun?

Maggie: Ex-nun.

Abby: Our family’s really strange.

Background information out of the way, Abby demands to know whether Nick is cute… regardless of the fact that, as Maggie points out, he’s her cousin so it shouldn’t matter to her. And soon enough we hear Nick’s voice for the first time:

Well, more than one woman has referred to me as very unique, but of course that’s redundant. Very unique.

And of course Nick looks completely ridiculous and of course Abby doesn’t want to take him to the club with her. Maggie scolds Abby for being shallow and demands that she do her family duty.

At the club Abby’s BFF Chelsea, who is already on probation, tries to buy a drink with a fake ID. She ends up destroying a tray full of drinks she can’t pay for and the bartender is ready to call the cops.

Until Nick steps in and argues Chelsea’s case. By now Abby already sees that she shouldn’t have judged Nick on appearances: he can’t dance and his clothes are terrible, but he’s caring and confident and clever. Chelsea, however, throws a fit every time the bartender calls Nick her boyfriend.

Finally, Nick bets his watch against Chelsea’s freedom. The watch was a gift from his parents and is inscribed “love mom and daddy.” When the bartender mocks it, he looks over his shoulder at Abby and and says, sarcastically, that, yes, it’s very weird that his parents love him.

Of course Nick wins the bet because he learned a few tricks in his fraternity.

A fraternity? Chelsea is suddenly interested.

It’s a brainiac fraternity, Abby corrects.

So Chelsea tells Nick to get rid of his glasses.

And Nick, rather than cowering in the reflective light of the hot girl, tells her she should apologize to him.

Then he tells Abby that he’s attracted to Chelsea because she has a criminal record. So there’s that.

And in the course of two episodes, Nick Fallon got a better character outline than some soap characters get in a year. Nerdy, quirky, and brilliant, but confident and capable of shallowness and jumping to the wrong conclusion. (What he doesn’t know is that Chelsea has a record because she accidentally ran over her little brother, killing him. There’s nothing cool about it.) He knew that he didn’t fit the narrowest definition of physical beauty, but he also knew that he was good and decent and that that was enough.

Nick’s first episode (full episode, not edit):


The olive and the brandy glass. Ever heard of inertia?


And so Nick spent the next several years in a freakishly adorable relationship with Chelsea.

Happily, Chelsea discovers that Nick can kiss:


Not so happily, Chelsea finds out that, whoopsie, her boyfriend accidentally lost his virginity to her mother:


Meanwhile, Sami tells Nick that EJ raped her (before she decided rape is awesome) and begs him to help her fix a paternity test. Nick is sweet and wonderful, and “a by the book kind of guy:”


Sami isn’t the only Brady in trouble. Chelsea feels that Nick ought to sacrifice his career and integrity to get rid of evidence that incriminates her in the little matter of her father’s house burning down. (In her defense, she WAS being framed by her brother’s prostitute ex-girlfriend.):


Later, Chelsea is slightly perturbed that Nick, under the influence of a head injury, married a stripper in Vegas who has told her young children to call him daddy. (But the kids turned out to be foreign princes and once Nick saved them from the kidnapper it was all fine.)


Long story short (too late), Dr. Dan comes to town and Chelsea becomes the first of many women inexplicably drawn to him. Meanwhile, Dr. Dan’s soon-to-be-retconned daughter Melanie comes to town and Nick becomes the first of many men inexplicably drawn to her. As we all know, no good can come from crossing paths with a Jonas. Nick get shot:


The pain pills make him go crazy, he stalks Melanie, blah, blah, blah, he goes to prison to protect Melanie’s tender feelings. Chelsea says goodbye:


And Nick goes unseen for years until Julie visits him in prison, sees that he has obviously been beaten regularly, and crusades to get him released.

Nick meets Gabi. She happy and flirty until she hears his name...:


“You’re like a mad scientist genius.”
“Maybe one of those.”
(Nick and Gabi, first date):


Then Nick did all sorts of bad stuff to Will and Sonny and I stomped my foot about how that was out of character. Moving on to the climax of that story….

“Over, and over, and over, and over.” Nick tells Maggie what happened to him in prison:


Nick tells Gabi that he was raped in prison. Gabi, slightly dim thing that she is, needs him to explain using very small words. (I love Blake Berris’ body language when Sami and Sonny stomp into the room. The way Nick is rigidly staring down is spot on.):


But instead of redeeming himself Nick got crazier and obviously I’m not hunting for those clips. Except maybe this one where Nick uses his blackmail leverage to force Sami to buy earrings for Ciara:


All the little girls love Nick. Allie informs Sami that Sami is stupid and only Nick can help her with her homework:


And then poor Allie sees her favorite cousin bleed to death:


Nick had just confessed to Julie that he knew he was a mess.

“There he is. That sweet boy who came to town eight years ago. Who was kind to everybody. Such a good listener. “

The show did an unexpectedly wonderful job sending Nick off. If someone had told me "Nick has to be murdered and you have to start with him psycho blackmailing most of Salem, but otherwise do what you want," this is EXACTLY what I would have done. Julie opening her eyes that Nick needs help, not cheerleading. Julie laying down the Horton history, from Jessica's problems to Julie's own schemes. Nick confessing that it's been a long time since he felt safe. Nick remembering not how he threatened people but how people reached out and wanted to give him a chance. Nick crying and humbling himself before Marlena, asking for help.

Full episode:


Nick’s final words:

“I don’t think I can go on like this. I’ve just got to shut it all down. It’s time. I know I’m hurting people and I’m hurting me. I’m hurting myself. I don’t want to do that. And I can change it. It feels really good, just actually saying that. Like maybe there’s hope.”

And then he’s murdered.

Stupid irony.

But he was still very unique.

Which is redundant.

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