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This Nick murder mystery was rather predictable and other assorted thoughts spoiler

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Date: Sat, 31-May-2014 10:26:24 AM PDT
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Of course Gabi killed him(I figured since the actress is leaving) that being said I'm glad it didn't drag out like so many of Days' stories usually do.

I also wish they showed Jennifer telling Eric which I didn't see(unless I missed that part) and I think she was within her rights to tell him seeing as how she's Daniel's GF. Since Daniel and Nicole were both too wimpy to do it I'm glad someone else did so it would ruin Eric/Nicole

Who don't seem all that redeemable after this and rightfully so. Nicole needs a guy with an edge although I hate how they had her regress in this storyline.

Daniel even though he was right I still found him insufferable because he just makes everything about him.

I'm assuming Ejami will leave together somehow which sucks because I don't mind EJ individually but I never cared about his pairing with Sami and while I hate Sami even I don't think she should be stuck with her rapist.

I hope Lucas gets a storyline and a decent love interest

Rafe/Jordan FF material and at this point so is Jordan and anyone really.

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