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DOOL Spoilers - EJabby Alert!

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Date: Mon, 23-Jun-2014 1:22:23 PM PDT
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A blast from the past catches one Salemite off-guard this week on "Days of Our Lives." Meanwhile, a resident schemer comes up with a plan to do away with her rival, and a younger character finds herself in an awkward situation but takes comfort with a familiar flame.

Last week, Eve Donovan made her triumphant re-entry to Salem, and this week more family members will learn of her arrival. Most important, perhaps, is her old rival, Jennifer Horton, who is not too happy that Eve is back in town. The two women will compete for the affections of Dr. Dan, who recently asked for some time away from Jennifer in order to sort things out in their relationship. It's perfect timing for Eve, who has her sights set on the handsome doctor.

Sami and Kate will again compete in love and business. Last week, Kate was forced out of her company and wound up sleeping with her ex (and Sami's ex), Rafe. What will happen when Sami learns of their affair? Sami and EJ are in a race to the altar, competing perhaps against Stefano and Kate, who have plans of reconciling. This sets up the perfect dynamic for Sami and Kate to get into a great battle like in the good old "Days."

Sami asked Abigail to be her maid-of-honor, which is quite awkward given that Abigail slept with her intended. Abigail, feeling overwhelmed and confused about what is happening, goes back to EJ for comfort and the two again consummate their relationship. It's certainly bound to have repercussions should anyone learn of their affair.

Eileen Davidson will soon be returning to "Days" to create havoc in Salem by kidnapping one Salemite in order to get revenge on those who she considers have wronged her. Davidson just won a Daytime Emmy for her performance as Kristen DiMera on "Days." Fans are eager for her to return and leave a wake of destruction in her path.


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