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SOD: Days Fall Preview spoiler

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Date: Mon, 05-Sep-2016 4:01:21 PM PDT
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“It’s going be an exciting fall,” declares Executive Producer Ken Corday. “Big things come to those who wait. We’ve had to wait. Big things are coming.”

Prison Break: “A twist of fate allows three dangerous convicts from Salem’s past to escape prison. Orpheus, Clyde and Xander decide to team up and seek revenge on those who wronged them. The people of Salem must band together as the town finds itself under siege by the vengeful trio.”

Orpheus/John/Marlena/Steve/Kayla: “Though it’s been almost 30 years since Orpheus was last seen, his desire to take down his enemies has not dissipated one bit. Orpheus realizes the best way to strike back at John and Marlena, and Steve and Kayla, is through their loved ones.”

Clyde: “Clyde targets Chad, Aiden and Kate, and decides to take Thomas to give to Ben. Chad, Lucas and Adrienne work together to keep Thomas safe.”

Aiden/Hope/Rafe: “Aiden discovers Hope’s big secret ­— that she killed Stefano! What will he do with this explosive information, and how will it affect Hope and Rafe?”

Justin/Adrienne/Lucas: “As Adrienne and Lucas’s wedding approaches, Justin begins to realize he may still have feelings for his ex.”

Brady/Theresa: “With Tate safely back home, Brady and Theresa move forward with their wedding plans. However, their big day is turned upside down by some unexpected guests, and Xander vows to destroy Theresa — and Nicole.”
Chloe/Philip/Deimos/Nicole: “Chloe and Philip seek Kate’s help to keep Deimos in the dark about the baby’s paternity. Nicole and Deimos grow closer even as she is keeping the truth about Chloe’s pregnancy from him. Expect lots of twists and turns as not everything is as it seems.”

Abe: “Abe is pleasantly surprised when his old flame, Valerie Grant, returns to Salem. Theo takes an immediate dislike to her, especially when he catches her in a curious lie.”

DiMeras vs. Kiriakises: “The rivalry between the DiMera and Kiriakis clans heats up once again and things get even more complicated when Eduardo and Dario start up their own company to become major players in Salem.”

Steve/Kayla/Joey: “Despite their issues, Steve and Kayla lean on one another as they deal with a crisis involving Joey.”

JJ/Gabi: “After searching for his sister, JJ returns home with a secret which threatens to drive a wedge between him and Gabi.”

Chad: “Chad continues to mourn Abigail. He decides to focus on work and Thomas and with the help of someone from his past, he slowly begins to live again.”

Sonny/Paul: “Despite an undeniable attraction, Sonny and Paul fight their feelings for one another.”


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