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SOD: DAYS Fall Preview spoiler

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Date: Mon, 11-Sep-2017 2:47:49 PM PDT
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“I think it’s the best story we’ve done in a long time,” declares Executive Producer Ken Corday of the first fall with new Head Writer Ron Carlivati. “Ron has brought us back to what the viewers want to see, which is characters they know and love, and surprises, great mystery and adventure on the show. The return of two or three characters not only that we love but are greatly missed will make for heartwarming story. I can’t gush on enough; it’s great.” Adds Carlivati, “When Ken hired me to do this job, he gave me a dual directive: Refocus the canvas and amp it up. And that’s what I’ve tried to do. The stage is set for the show to kick into high gear. DAYS this fall will be like Salem on steroids. We’ve got doppelgängers on the ropes, we’ve got a show-stopping double wedding, we’ve got the returns of Alison Sweeney [Sami], Chandler Massey, Eileen Davidson and Kassie DePaiva [Eve]. And then we’ve got an umbrella story that will move people to tears and test the very bonds of love, family and friendship that hold this town together.”

Abigail/Chad And Sonny/Paul Double Wedding: “Both couples are feeling really strong and good about the double wedding,” begins Carlivati. “The only monkey wrench that is thrown at them is Lucas, who is in his downward spiral and resents seeing Sonny happy with Paul and moving on with his life when Will can’t do the same. It’s a joyful day but there is going to be an unexpected guest that arrives that throws the whole wedding into chaos. Who it is has a very significant impact on both couples, and everyone in the room, but Sonny and Paul are the most impacted.”

Eric/Nicole/Brady: “Eric and Nicole have a connection and when the community service is coming to a close, that excuse that they have to be in each other’s orbit goes away. But she likes working there and she wants to stay. Brady assumes it’s because she wants to be near Eric, so Brady starts taking steps to ensure that they won’t be around each other, and that will set off a chain of events that will lead to Eric deciding to leave Salem. How Nicole reacts to that and the steps she then takes will bring this situation ultimately to a head.”

Hattie/Bonnie: “The walls are starting to close in on Hattie, especially once Hope gets involved. That said, Bonnie is still moving full steam ahead with her plan to take Victor away from Maggie. She realizes it may not be as simple as seducing the guy. She needs something more, she needs to have something over on Victor to force his hand to make a move to leave Maggie. Something very juicy falls into her lap that she is able to exploit to her advantage and push her plan forward.”

Adrienne: “So, from time to time we drop in on Statesville to see how Adrienne is faring, which is not so well. She is savvy and trying different ways to make her true identity clear but she seems to step into it with the guards. With every little thing she tries, it blows up in her face. She finally manages to get to someone who can get to her loved ones and tell them what’s going on.”

Sami’s Return/Will: “One of the things we are most excited about this fall is the return of Sami. Sami’s arrival is going to shake things up in a big way for a lot of people in town. She is in the thick of things from the first scene. People know that Chandler Massey [ex-Will] is returning to the show and I don’t think it’s a big stretch to say the impetus for her arrival in town has something to do with that. And so it brings her back with a drive. She’s also going to have her finger in a lot of pots because we wanted her time in Salem to impact a lot of stories and it does.”

Walking In Memphis: “What the unexpected guest at the wedding has to say will have a big impact on a lot of people. It will begin a mystery and a quest that will lead several people out of town. So Sonny and Paul, John and Marlena, Adrienne and Justin, Lucas and Sami, for one reason or another, will be drawn to Memphis to follow a clue about this mystery.”

Salem PD: Rafe and Hope’s relationship will be tested when Abe suggests them both for the commisssioner job, and Eli seeks new job opportunities. Additionally, “We have a story in the fall that centers around JJ, and he will find himself in a situation where he’s living out a cop’s worst nightmare. It’s going to have a ripple effect, not only in the PD, but it’s going to polarize the town in a big way.”

Steve/Kayla: “We shook up Steve and Kayla a little bit with the situation with Joey and Tripp, but it’s hard to find a more solid couple in daytime. I didn’t want to split them up but I found it interesting to see them on opposite sides. So in the fall, we will see these two coming back together. It’s a little ways off and I don’t want to talk too much about it, but we’re going to test Tripp in a big way and give him an opportunity where he can do something to really earn his place back in Steve and Kayla’s life.”

Eve Returns: “As if we didn’t have enough going on … we have the return of Eve also happening in the fall. She is really going to shake things up in the Kiriakis family, and it will lead her to a love story with a particular character who is already on the canvas.”

Tripp/Claire/Theo: “Tripp has to be redeemed a little bit. We start to integrate him a little more with his peers, being Theo and Claire. We end up moving those three characters in together, and it’s a little THREE’S COMPANY situation there. Tripp will develop a crush on Claire.”

Kate/Andre: “While it was a marriage of convenience in the beginning, we have seen some sparks between them. He’s clearly drawing closer to Kate, but he also wants her job. So, there will be a lot of corporate intrigue between these two, but we will always bring it back to the personal dynamic between them.”

Gabi/Eli: “Gabi is a very important character on the canvas, and now that Chad and Abigail are back together, she needs to find her own way, separate from that. We could have made her into someone bitter after everything that happened but it was more interesting to see her fight to maintain her dignity and take the high road. One person that she’s been able to connect with is Eli. Now that she and Chad are over and this guy is able to be there as a friend, will that grow into something more?”


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