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Idea For Storyline For Molly and TJ

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Date: Tue, 15-Jul-2014 8:20:58 AM PDT
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So, here's my idea for a storyline for Molly.

She's already pretty pissed off after her father, she ardently believes, was framed by Julian and then 'killed' in jail when he allegedly tried to escape. Now comes Rafe's death due to involvement with drugs and whoever told him to run the Drakes off the road. Molly is determined to bring down whoever is behind all of this.

TJ is also angry. He believes that Jordan, his mother, is working for the bad guys and that said bad guys are behind TJ's death. He also recognizes his part in Rafe's issues, not taking the blame, but realizing that he could have been more mature about things.

TJ and Molly decide that if the law can't bring down the bad guys, they can and will. Molly swears vengeance for the death of her father and she decides that Julian must die. She refuses to recognize him as her potential step-father and also fears that Sam will not be as helpful in bringing down Julian as he's her natural father.

Molly and TJ decide that it's on them to get the job done, even if it means doing things that are distasteful and dangerous. Molly is determined that Julian must die and TJ is determined to keep Molly from going off the deep end while bringing the bad guys to justice. He's as determined to keep his mom out of jail if possible.

They also decide that given their involvement, their determination, that they have to legally have each other's back if things get dicey, so, on the sly, they get married.

I'd love for Molly to overhear Julian talking with someone on the phone and know for sure that Julian is not out of the business. I can see her telling Alexis about it, but Alexis brushing her off. At that point, Molly decides to go to the police, but given the circumstances, Anna tells her to be patient. Anna can't blow things by telling a teenager, but Molly misreads things and decides that Julian must pay for what all he's done.

Molly goes to Sam's where she takes her gun.

Meanwhile, TJ is working to get information and in the process, is caught by Julian who realizes that he knows too much. Diamond is on the phone with Julian and tells him to get rid of the kid or die, himself. As Molly approaches, Julian tells TJ that he's sorry, but.....

Molly shoots Julian, herself. As it happens, Anna and Jordan are nearby in the park and arrive shortly after Molly has fired the fatal bullet. TJ, meanwhile, has grabbed the gun and is caught with the weapon, appearing to be the killer. Molly swears that she did it and TJ does the same. Both kids are taken into custody.

Given all that has gone before, a lot of fallout is possible. Alexis gets hysterical over the loss of Julian and that Molly is involved. Sam is upset as Molly took her gun and that Julian is dead. Lucas is upset as his father is dead. Anna has kids in custody and realizes that much of this could have been avoided had this whole undercover thing been revealed to the kids. Ric hears that Molly avenged him and goes ballistic, breaking out of the safe house and coming to save Molly. Jordan's situation gets dicier, but neither she nor Anna can reveal the truth yet.

Molly and TJ clam up and nothing can be done to break their silence. Molly and TJ are sent to Miscaviage for psychiatric evaluations as both are up for possible murder charges. Meanwhile, in the process of trying to escape, they stumble on the real Luke and realize that he's the answer to the whole thing. They decide to free him and bring him back to PC. This involves both of them faking nuttiness for a while so that they can get Luke out.

It happens and the three of them head back to PC, with everybody looking for three dangerous escapees from Miscaviage.

Any takers?

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