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What's New on GH? Nothing! - Sonny/Maurice CP

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Date: Tue, 15-Jul-2014 8:22:08 AM PDT
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Well maybe a few things like Nina and Levi are considered "newer additions" but in both cases, so far Sonny has escaped their path and hopefully will continue to do so.

As for Sonny, well for what seems like years not months, Sonny is stuck in "I killed AJ, I got Ava pregnant, I let down my children" mode.

Get it? Got it! Good? No not at all. How many ways can one spell B-O-R-I-N-G?

The whole show is that way. Some one out there is desperately trying to tell us that a couple composed of lying coward Julian and hand wringing neurotic Alexis is a winner. On what planet? Same goes for Clown prince and Carly. As for Sonny, he gets to imprison pregnant enemy Ava. And this is summer romance at its best. Nutty Nina trying to break up sleep inducing Sam and Birdman. Not to mention the exciting pairing of Levi and Maxi with Bland Man as a triangle threat.

What's to watch on this show. Somewhere out there is Liz, Nik and Britt waiting to snipe at each other. Hot couple Lante's big drawing card is supposed to be about yet another baby for them.
Oh and lets not forget the three stooges, saying "you like him best, nananana, pout pout"

What a great time for Maurice to take some time off and give us a break in here. Plenty of sports talk and Maurice talk outside of GH so we won't be any more bored than we are watching this stuff play over and over.

There. That is not really up to our positive goal but the positivity rests in the fact that we are here daily still having fun and enjoying MAURICE and sports.

Here's to SOMETHING happening for Sonny that jumps into the interesting column soon.

Sonny is on today so I will do live recaps.

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