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Weekly Recap Post - Target Practice Sonny - CP spoiler

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Date: Tue, 25-Jul-2017 8:32:36 AM PDT
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Just a very short post mentioning how unreal this whole story is yet how refreshing to have Sonny shot in a more unique fashion for a change. He already must have a series of body plugs for all previous bullet holes but two shootings in one day is new. Also the material for Maurice, who suffers from real life claustrophobia, will provide him with a realistic opportunity to deal with the affliction while lying half dead,

Sam has some good material and I am never one who does not recognize that mental illness makes people do some really unrealistic stuff. So I am aboard the Sam/Sonny Shooting Train to see where it takes us.

Will be doing recaps today and then going to see Dunkirk which I hear is awesome.

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