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Sonny Weekly Spoiler Post/ A MFF/SFF CP spoiler

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Date: Tue, 25-Jul-2017 9:16:48 AM PDT
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Kind of busy this week so short and sweet ! Lot's going on for Sonny so that's good (even if poorly written, he's onscreen)

Message to Wimpy/Julian: Don't go away bad, Don't go away sad, Don't go away mad Just GO AWAY Nobody buys your "I was afraid of my big sister" story wife abuser

Let's hope Krissy is a part of the Corinthos family effort to find Sonny.

I wonder if OGJason will be a problem for Friz. Of course he will. Bwahahaha.



Sam confronts Sonny.

Jason fills Carly in.

Anna arrives with big news.

Nathan gets a welcome surprise.

Nina pushes for justice.

Tuesday July 25:

Sam confronts Sonny.

Anna arrives with big news.

Nathan gets a welcome surprise.

Wednesday July 26:

Finn and Griffith make strides.

Laura has her hands full.

Obrecht seeks revenge.

Thursday July 27:

Garvey covers his tracks.

Griffith grows concerned about Scout's health.

Liz is held captive.

Friday July 28:

Alexis rushes to GH.

Olivia Jerome's actions continue to haunt Ports Charles.

Garvey is pleased with himself.

Garvey sneaks back to Port Charles to finish what he started

Sonny is lured away

Liz is in grave danger

Curtis is on hand to help Hayden

Sam goes on the warpath

Scout's symptoms worry Griffin

Alexis races to the hospital

Julian is brokenhearted

Olivia Jerome remains a presence in town

Jason pays Valentin a visit to get some answers

An outraged Nina demands justice

Jason has a bad feeling

Josslyn is conflicted and reaches out to Oscar

Dante follows up on an important lead

Amy's words strike a chord

Nathan gets an unexpected surprise

Anna shares some news

Laura becomes overwhelmed with recent events

Liesl takes steps to avenge herself

Sonny fears the worst

Carly confronts Jordan

Griffin is hopeful

Julian tries to pull Ava out of her depression

Sam has a tenuous grasp on reality

Maxie surprises Nathan but he decides to keep his moonlighting as Man Landers a secret

Sonny gets a tip about Spencer and heads into what he knows in a dangerous situation to bring his nephew home

Sam decides she needs to eliminate Sonny in order to protect her family. Jason learns her diagnosis and forces her to seek her

-Time is running out for Sonny.
-A secret from Hayden's past threatens her happiness.
-Valentin has an offer for Ava.
-Jason worries about Sam's condition.
-Laura confronts Spencer about his behavior.

Sonny realizes all may be lost…

Laura has choice words for Spencer!

Hayden has a secret that is coming back to haunt her.

Valentin and Ava connect…
Elizabeth is kidnapped!
Dante gets a timely break in the case.
The mob plan continues to unfold…
Olivia Jerome continues to impact Port Charles.
Moroselyn finds a friend in Oscar.
Laura takes on more than she can handle!
A suspicious Jason brings Carly up to speed.
Elizabeth and Hayden finally bond as sisters.
Nina is determined that justice be served.
Carly fills Michael in on what’s going on.

Sam feels the need to get rid of Sonny for the sake of her family.

Jason forces Sam to get help after learning her diagnosis.

After Sonny receives a tip on Spencer’s whereabouts, he finds himself in dangerous territory.

Nathan keeps his Man Landers involvement a secret from Maxie.

Time begins to run out for Sonny.

Hayden’s happiness is at risk, due to a secret from her past.

Ava receives an offer from Valentin.

Jason continues to worry about Sam.

Laura confronts Spencer in regards to his behavior.

Alexis makes a beeline to the hospital.

Garvey is pleased with his actions.

Olivia Jerome continues to have an effect on Port Charles.

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