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Date: Mon, 21-Aug-2017 6:44:49 AM PDT
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MISSING: one daughter, goes by the name of Kristina Corinthos-Davis. Hasn't been in a scene with her dad in MONTHS. She didn't even visit him when he was in the hospital after (Unbeknownst by almost everyone)being shot by her half sister Sam. IS THERE SOME LAW THAT SAYS KRISSY CAN ONLY BE IN IN SCENES WITH HER MOTHER'S FAMILY??? Come on GH share the wealth and let Krissy hang out with both sides of her family, not just one side. It's sickening that Sonny see's Jose-lynn more than he see's his own daughter!

I didn't watch much of GH last week because it was mostly Freako and Wimpy which I file under IDGAF and I usually skip their scenes unless Sonny is in them, and that is still painful. It will be interesting (and yet still not entertaining) to see Freako in scenes with OGJason. Freako will mug for the camera and OGJason's only reaction will be "stare" and "blink blink". Kind of hard to mug during scenes like that. By NOT reacting, OGJason will take the wind out of Freako's sales.

I did catch the Alexis/Krissy/Parker scenes. Alexis was much harder on Parker than she ever was on Wimpy (WHO TRIED TO KILL HER). I hope they don't try to equate Julexis with CarSon during Alexis and Carly's bonding moment scenes. Sonny never tried to gaslight Carly, or intentionally try to kill her (although he did accidentally shoot her after Alcazar DID gaslight him with plastic surgery Lily among other things) or sabotage her career. Sonny has a much better excuse for bad behavior in being bipolar (which he has never tried to use as an excuse) than by saying his big sister made him do it. Sonny never took such glee in carrying out his misdeeds as Wimpy either. Sonny and Carly also raised children and had a family together. And Wimpy is STILL at it! He claims he never pointed an ill Sam in Sonny's direction when we all SAW him do it. He is trying to make Sam believe that she imagined that, that it was one of her hallucinations. He doesn't change. He's still an abusive creep who doesn't deserve to be with Alexis or any other woman. If GH fosters a story line that would put a woman back with the man who abused her or ANY woman, I won't like it and won't watch that story line.

I had some hope that if Ned took ELQ over Mopey would take over the business for his dad. No such luck. He and Ned will run it together. I can't see that as being a harmonious relationship either. Remember how ruthless Ned was with AJ and most every woman he dated until Lois?

So I guess that Sonny's only hope for a peaceful transition of his territory lies with OGJason (if indeed SBu comes back as OGJason and knows he's OGJason and doesn't have amnesia or something) I think it's cute how excited Steve and Maurice are to be working together again and love to see their tweets to one another on twitter.


Today: GGH is pre-empted today. Instead, an encore of the July 25, 2017 episode will air. Sam shoots Sonny.


Sam makes a decision.

Alexis and Carly find common ground.

Franco asks Ava for a favor.


Sam decides on a course of action

Sam has an uneasy feeling

Michael and Ned strike a bargain

Alexis and Ned clash

Carly and Alexis share a tender moment

Carly is thrown by unexpected news

Sonny and Jason are put on the hot seat

Carly feels betrayed by Jason

Valerie is floored when she meets Stella's nephew

Franco turns to Ava for help

Franco's painting leaves an impression on Liz

Anna is on the hunt for information

Anna asks for Finn's assistance

Rudge makes an appearance at Julian's trial

Julian's fate is decided

Charlotte breaks down Nina's defenses

Nina's plans hit a snag

Ava is touched by Griffin's defense of her

Kiki and Dillon have an honest conversation about where their relationship is headed

Valerie offers Kristina some romance advice

Felicia uncovers something Nelle's been hiding

Maxie has questions about Nathan's friendship with Amy

Griffin gets some help from Ava

Alexis decides to be honest about her feelings

Anna asks Finn for help regarding the diamond.
*Sam decides what to do.
*Carly is really angry and can't forgive Sam.
*Alexis learns what happened and goes into protective mommy mode.
*Alexis intervenes with Carly.
*Aunt Stella sets up a blind date for Curtis, with an unknowing Valerie.
*Franco asks Ava for a favor.
*Rudge is hauled back from prison to testify against Julian.
*Rudge lies as he digs Julian a deep hole.
*Julian explodes and calls Rudge a liar in court.
*Liz is drawn to one of Franco's paintings.
*Jason and Sonny have to answer to Carly.
*Charlotte makes an emotional appeal to Nina.
*Scott and Julian argue.
*Ned confronts Michael about ELQ.
*Ned and Michael reach an agreement and will run the company together.
*Carly isn't in a forgiving mood with Jason.
*Kiki and Dillon discuss their romance and where it's going.
*Griffin takes Ava's side as he defends her.
*Ned pressures Alexis.
*Carly and Alexis share a common bond.
*Nina's day is interrupted.
*Sam and Jason have to get the trust back.
*Felicia is still investigating Nelle.

Sam To Carly: “I Shot Sonny”
The conspiracy between Sonny, Sam and Jason to keep Carly in the dark about the identity of Sonny’s shooter (that’d be Sam) comes to an abrupt end when Sam decides to come clean with her victim’s wife. Her decision is prompted in part by a conversation with Andre, who helps Sam explore the significance of her Sonny-centric hallucinations. Sam knows she’s taking a risk by confessing. When Sam confesses, Carly is incredulous, but soon realizes it’s the truth. It’s a hold-your-breath moment while Sonny, Jason and Sam await Carly’s reaction.

Valentin surprises Nina.
Griffin and Ava are drawn together.
Sonny tries to begin a new life.
Felicia learns shocking information about Nelle’s past.
Maxie is confused about Amy and Nathan’s relationship.

Carly and Alexis find common ground on 8/22, while Kristina and Valerie bond and Franco asks Ava for a favor.
Scott goes on the attack on 8/23, while Liz is intrigued by Franco’s painting and Ned pressures Alexis.
Finn is in denial on 8/24, while Scott clashes with Julian and Nina is moved by Charlotte’s story.

Griffin jumps to Ava’s defense.
Ned makes a deal with Michael.
The judge reaches a verdict in Julian’s trial.

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