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Date: Tue, 26-Sep-2017 6:56:24 AM PDT
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With the exception of the renewed Sonny/Sam friendship I'm not interested in much else these days. Characters and actors I don't care about (Nathan, Maxie, Nina, Valentin, Melle) are front and center. Those I'd like to see more of like Dante, Kristina and Molly are hardly ever on.

This OGJason reveal will lag on for months. Why they are wasting him with Ava and not putting him in a story line with Sonny, Carly, Sam, Liz, even Monica makes me totally uninterested. I guess it's FF until then.

My worry is that with OGJason back (if that's who SBu is) that Sonny will again become a prisoner of Jarly. the problem Jarly has to fix. Sonny, as a character, has made tons of growth. Please, ptb, don't mess that up.


Today: Ava is propositioned.

Griffin makes his intentions known.

Sonny has a task for Brick.

Franco confides in Scott.

Maxie puts Nathan’s mind at ease.


*Betsy spills to Franco, but begs him to keep the secret.
*Griffin tries to remain civil to Valentin.
*Ava is scolded and warned by the doctor.
*Ava chooses her face over patient 6.
*Griffin finally has had enough of Valentin's verbal puzzles.
*Sonny brings Brick back for a big job.
*Carly can't stop interfering.
*Ava turns over the phone number she got from the mystery man.
*Franco uses Scott as a sounding board and secret keeper.
*Franco makes the choice to be happy.
*Jason begins to awaken.
*Before he can have a reunion with Sam, he suffers a seizure.
*Someone gives Ava a reason to smile.
*Nelle isn't sure how to deal with Michael's generosity.
*The Man Landers launch doesn't go well.
*Maxie tries to reassure Nathan.
*Nathan attempts to comfort Amy.
*Sam finally goes to see Monica.
*Bobbie seems to make nice with Nelle, making her wary.
*Nelle doesn't see the whammy coming.
*Liz needs to explain herself.
*Franco is ready for a fresh start.
*Anna is not buying the story...
*The doctor at the clinic in Russia calls the number patient 6 wrote down.
*Sonny gets the call, and has no clue who has his private number..
*Sam voices her worries about Jason.
*Griffin accepts he has feelings for Ava.
*Mac and Felicia learn that Nathan is Man Landers.
*Maxie has to reassure her parents about the advice they received.
*Dillon feels that Kiki is leaving him behind.
*Maxie and Amy find common ground and start a friendship.
*Ava has vivid romantic dreams of Griffin.
*Sam voices her concerns about Jason to his doctors.

Ava wrestles with her conscience

Ava receives an offer

Ava can't stop thinking about Griffin

Griffin is tired of getting the runaround from Valentin

Griffin makes his position clear

Will Franco keep someone's confidence?

Franco turns to Scott for guidance

Franco wants to start over with a clean slate

Liz is elated when she gets some news

Liz is put on the spot

Nelle is left feeling uneasy

Michael is in a celebratory mood

Carly takes action, but she later has misgivings

Tensions mount between mother and son

Nelle is caught by surprise

Bobbie tries to make peace

Sonny gives Brick an assignment

Maxie puts Nathan's fears to rest

Nathan is a supportive friend to Amy

Mac and Felicia are left dumbfounded

Anna is filled with doubt

Sam spends time with Monica

Dillon gets defensive

Sam vexes Alexis

Valentin makes a grand gesture

Ava is left reeling

Griffin is intentionally evasive

An enemy of Nikolas Cassadine surfaces

Ava’s Tough Choice!
Ava finds herself at a moral crossroads when she comes to realize that the heavily bandaged fellow clinic patient is being held there against his will. The patient slips her a phone number, and indicates his desire for her to call it. Ava wrestles with her decision, given that it could put her facial reconstructive surgery on the line. On the other hand, she feels an impulse to do what, say, Griffin, might do in the same situation. Back in Port Charles, Griffin frantically tries to get intel on Ava’s location. At the clinic, Ava’s decision may be swayed by a phone call she overhears, but her choice might prove fatal for one or both of the patients!

Laura wants justice.
Ava gets in over her head.
Griffin’s actions are heroic.
Brick has information for Sonny.
Sam thinks about her future.

Despite the creative scheme Maxie concocts to keep Nathan’s identity as “Man Landers” under wraps at the book launch, Spinelli’s suspicions about the nature of Amy and Nathan’s relationship lead to the cop’s outing. Having recently spied a Nathan/Amy hug, Spinelli’s suspicions have been percolating and he hears them talking at the book launch party about having a secret. Spinelli confronts Nathan. When Nathan blurts out to Spinelli what he and Amy are really hiding, he does it too loudly - and too publicly.

Liz and Franco take a buss stop!

Franco is asked to keep a secret on 9/25, while Griffin grows frustrated with Valentin and Nelle finds Michael’s gesture unnerving.
Sonny has a task for Brick on 9/26.
Carly has mixed feelings on 9/27, while Bobbie extends an olive branch. Nelle is ambushed on 9/28, while Sam checks in with Monica and Liz gets good news.

Liz has trouble explaining herself.
Franco is ready for a fresh start.
Sam raises her concerns.

The friendship between Jason, Sam, Sonny and Carly will be affected when Jason and Sam pursue a new life.

Josslyn and Kristina’s pursuit of romance will challenge Sonny and Carly’s relationships with their daughters.

There may be more to Oscar than many know.

Franco’s journey of discovery takes him in a terrifying direction.

Franco’s past demons may affect his relationship with Liz.

Andre plays a part in Franco’s story and also has connections with some other people.

Alexis heads back into the dating pool while trying to ignore her feelings for Julian.

Finn and Anna’s partnership in an attempt to locate Hayden delivers a surprising response.

Valentin and Nina’s relationship could be stirred up as Anna continues searching into the past.

Ava and Griffin’s bond is explored.

Kevin helps Laura deal with the challenges of Spencer’s civil suit against Valentin.

Bobbie and Carly created obstacles in Michael and Nelle’s relationship.

Maxie comes up with a plan in regards to the publishing party surrounding Man Landers.

Stella continues to be anti-Curtis/Jordan.

Kristina makes a self-discovery and her and Valerie’s friendship grows.

Ned and Michael may not see eye to eye where EQL is concerned.

There may be romance in Dr. Bensch’s future.

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