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It makes me happy that the first person OG alleged Jason wanted to reach was Sonny. Not Sam. Not Carly. Not Spinelli. Sonny. If this person is indeed Jason, I think this bodes well for SaSon. Sonny may get his right (and I MEAN RIGHT) had man back after all.

Jebus, How many stories can they insert Freako into? They keep changing his redemption stories. So let's see, the brain tumor white wash didn't work (kind of like Wimpy's scary big sister story) Then we got the occupational therapist (which takes most people six years of education to become but not Freako--his job his handed to him) who avenges Liz by putting a guy in a cage and mentally abuses him, another strikeout. So NOW we'll invent this NEW trauma for Franco to pin his bad behavior on in the guise of Jason's twin Drew. I don't think this will work either. It does, however, pique my interest in Susan Moore so I think GH should invest some time on her and bring her back from the dead (why not? They bring everyone else).

When the writers are not inventing ways to rehabilitate Freako and Wimpy, we get countless conversations between Carly, Sonny and Sam about how MUCH Jason has CHANGED. I think it might be because nuJason is Drew. Is all this talk talk talking to prepare us for the return of OG Jason? We'll see.

I am really loving the Sam/Sonny friendship. Sonny has had few friends on GH (because he's a criminal dangerous mobster evil) and Sonny hasn't had a real female friend since Robin. Sonny's friendship with Sam brings out a softer Sonny. His new found maturity makes him the perfect sounding board for Sam. The reality is,few people other than Sonny understand Sam's dilemma and he's the best person to advise her. I hope they continue to build on this. And I'm really happy that nuJason's shooting wasn't used as an excuse for everyone to blame Sonny because gangster, danger evil! Sam admitted she encouraged Jason to help Sonny and even Monica, as much as it pained her, admitted it was Jason's choice to help Sonny. Anyway, had Sam not shown up when she did and distracted Jason, I don't think the shooting would have happened.

Did you know Sonny has a twenty something daughter? Her name is Kristina and she's only allowed in scenes with the mother's side of the family. Which is brilliant because Kristina's mom is hopelessly in love with a jerk who TRIED TO KILL HER. And used her sister as shield. And he hides behind babies too. It would sure be nice to have Some Sonny/Kristina scenes. Sonny's the only parent with his head on straight these days.

Finally. FINALLY! Tptb bring back someone from OLTL I actually like! Jessica Tuck AKA Megan Gordon. Meghan was my favorite character of all time from OLTL. She's in a story line with Anna playing the recurring role of Cassandra Pierce. Now I'l have to watch Anna's scenes.


Today: Griffin extends his kindness.

Ava sabotages herself.

Franco is asked to explain himself.

Alexis is annoyed with Sam.

Michael confronts Nelle.


*Original face Jason escapes the clinic.
*Ava is suspected of helping the escaped prisoner.
*Jason demands that Franco explain himself.
*Sam nags Alexis about her addiction to Julian.
*Alexis snaps at Sam and tells her to back off.
*Our little Mikey let's Nelle know that he found the ring from the Grant family.
*Michael isn't happy about the lie.
*Valentin wants his past to disappear.
*Griffin goes to Russia to find and rescue Ava.
*Ava is in trouble over her interference.
*Anna and Finn work well together, but Finn is getting more angry.
*Griffin finds the clinic, and shocks Ava.
*Valentin gets a mysterious phone call.
*Valentin gives Nina an extravagant gift as a bribe to get her to accept his leaving on a trip.
*Sam feels a moment of pure happiness.
*Anna drops her guard and Finns anger explodes.
*Aunt Stella has news for Curtis.
*Kristina continues to get mixed signals.
*Sonny visits Carly and they have a deep discussion.
*Maxie talks things out with Amy and they bond.
*Joss is concerned for Oscar.
*Joss wants to help.
*Oscar is hiding something.
*Griffin feels guilty.
*An enemy of Niks from the past steps forward.
*Griffin is vague about his motives with Ava.
*Michael demands the truth.
*Carly apologizes to Nelle.
*Nina has a special job for Nelle.
*Griffins appearance at the clinic is cause for concern.
*Someone extends their kindness to original face Jason to help him leave Russia.
*Old face Jason is headed to Port Charles.
*Things are going to get muddled and exciting, as we enjoy this build-up to Sweeps!
*Nothing and nobody will be untouched.
Now that Ingo Rademaker has signed with another soap, he won't be playing Jax. Only after his contract is over. But since he will be a main player, don't hold your breath.
There will be many well known actors coming, but most will be limited appearance. Too much is going to happen, and they will be needed.

Sam vexes Alexis

Sam is hopeful as things settle down

Finn puts his reservations aside to work with Anna

Anna lowers her defenses

Finn's rage gets the best of him

Valentin makes a grand gesture

Valentin looks forward to a future with Nina and Charlotte

A phone call leaves Valentin uneasy

Valentin is forced to leave

Ava is her own worst enemy

Ava is left reeling

Griffin is intentionally evasive

An adversary of Nikolas Cassadine steps out from the shadows

Franco is put on the hot seat

A furious Michael demands answers from Nelle

Nina gives Nelle an assignment

Carly is apologetic

Stella makes an announcement

Amy finds a friend in Maxie

Josslyn needs assistance

Franco makes a confession

Dr. Bensch shows some compassion

Ava has an uninvited visitor

Dillon jumps to the wrong conclusion

Michael learns something troubling

Laura wants justice.
Ava gets in over her head.
Griffin’s actions are heroic.
Brick has information for Sonny.
Sam thinks about her future.

Liz has trouble explaining herself.
Franco is ready for a fresh start.
Sam raises her concerns.

Franco learned that Susan Moore gave birth to twins, with one going to Betsy and the other going to Alan. Man Landers was finally revealed, and the news of the
truth flashed through all of Port Charles.

At least Nathan has been cleared of any suspicion…except for in Spinelli’s eyes, since he’s still convinced that more is going on. Here are the spoilers!

The constant tension finally causes Michael to snap, ultimately leading to a confrontation with Nelle.

Ava (Maura West) decides to do the right thing because sure, she can be a good person after all–maybe.

She helps Patient 6 (Steve Burton) break free, but she also puts her own self in danger, including her chance for a full facial recovery.

However, when she’s in shock later in the week and Griffin (Matt Cohen) has some explaining to do, it’s a good bet he’ll be doing that explaining to Ava.

Of course, he also skirts the truth on why he traveled so far to see her but then feels guilt. Griffin has a lot of issues.

Could you see Ava and Steve Burton's character together?

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Can Franco Ruin Sam’s Life…Again?
Back in Port Charles, Franco (Roger Howarth) is also asked to explain himself just as Sam (Kelly Monaco) is getting ready to enjoy just a little bit of happiness in her life. Will the info he has ruin that and make her wonder?

Did Someone Say Nikolas?
Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is determined to leave his past in the past and even gives Nina (Michelle Stafford) an extravagant gift.

But, then he receives a disturbing phone call and our gut tells us it has to do with Patient 6’s escape.

Either that, or maybe it’s the old foe of Nikolas’s who shows up in town. (We knew we weren’t done with Nikolas in this saga.)

A Caper
In Monaco, Anna (Finola Hughes) and Finn (Michael Easton) work together, and Anna even lets her guard down. How close will these two become?

Nelle Has Some Explaining To Do…Again
Michael (Chad Duell) confronts Nelle (Chloe Lanier), but we think she may somehow talk her way out of this one. Interestingly, by the end of the week Carly (Laura Wright) is apologizing and Michael (Chad Duell) confronts Nelle (Chloe Lanier), but we think she may somehow talk her way out of this one.

Interestingly, by the end of the week Carly (Laura Wright) is apologizing and Nina has a job for Nelle. Always lucky Nelle.

Odds And Ends
In other Port Charles news, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) is annoyed with Sam, Stella has some news for Curtis (Donnell Turner), Josslyn (Eden McCoy) needs help, and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Amy (Risa Dorken) bond.

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