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Date: Mon, 09-Oct-2017 8:20:06 AM PDT
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Wimpy's portrayer returns to the set 10/16. Boo. In an article in SID he says he'd like Wimpy to work with Sonny. NO NO A THOUSAND TIMES NO! Please don't burden our guy with Wimpy! Especially now that SBu is back! Let Wimpy sink or swim on his own. As I have said before, if Alexis takes Wimpy back that will be the ruination of her character in my opinion. It also sends a very dangerous message to abused women. They should NEVER NEVER NEVER take back their abusers.

Tamara Braun is in talks to return to GH as a character who will be in OGJason and nuJason's orbit.

When can Kristina see her dad and Corinthos siblings again??

There are a few Sonny mentions in the spoilers which is good because I don't watch GH unless he's on.


Sam turns to Curtis for assistance

Curtis makes an interesting discovery

Carly turns her attention to Morgan's foundation

Josslyn remembers the brother she lost

Franco makes a confession

Liz has a change of heart

Alexis is troubled

Dr. Bensch shows his compassionate side

Sonny wants answers from Griffin

Ava's presence is not wanted

Griffin seeks help from a higher power

Ava is determined to turn things around

Ava faces an ugly truth about herself

Dillon jumps to the wrong conclusion

Michael is shocked when he receives a generous gift from an unknown source

Nelle is caught off guard

Michael is left feeling uneasy

Kristina and Parker spend time together

Maxie's life is thrown completely off track

Kevin does the unexpected

Anna refuses to give up without a fight

Alexis fears that Kristina is making a mistake

Josslyn's search hits a wall

Patient 6 gets his bearings

Michael's suspicions mount

MONDAY October 9, 2017
Sam believes Curtis can do a better job than she can.
Michael wonders if heíll regret his decision.
Franco comes clean to Liz.
Carly focuses on Morganís foundation.
Sonny questions Griffin.

TUESDAY October 10, 2017
Liz changes her mind.
Kristina gets in a little deeper.
Alexis gets disappointing news.
Dr. Bensch is sympathetic.
Maxieís life is derailed.

WEDNESDAY October 11, 2017
Josslyn reflects on Morganís death.
Ava is an unwelcome guest.
Griffin prays for guidance.
Alexis is enraged.
Kevin makes an impulsive decision.

THURSDAY October 12, 2017
Ava is desperate to escape her fate.
Carly and Sonny come together.
Michael is stunned by an anonymous donation.
Curtis discovers some interesting information.
Dillon gets the wrong idea.

FRIDAY October 13, 2017
Ava is forced to face her actions.
Sam receives a heartfelt gesture.
Nelle is startled.
Michael receives some disturbing news.
Anna plots her next move.

Ava is in hot water after helping Patient 6 slip out of the clinic, while he faces obstacles of his own on the streets of St. Petersburg. Unbeknownst to Ms. Jerome, help is on the way in the form of Griffin (or so he hopes). Meanwhile, Patient 6 is not out of the woods, even though heís out of the clinic. He is wandering St. Petersburg without any identification, or even appropriate clothing. He happens upon a surprising stranger who offers him refuge, but he doesnít quite know who to trust. Back in Port Charles, Sonny is still puzzled over the call he received from St. Petersburg when Dr. Klein dialed the number Patient 6 gave to Ava. And as the week unfolds, Patient 6 will make another attempt to contact a familiar PC resident!

Kristina makes a rash decision.
Liz gets the whole story.
Alexis makes a new friend.
Griffin struggles with his fate.
Sam sees the promise of a new life.

10/9 Michael wonders if he made a mistake

10/11 Josslyn thinks about Morgan

10/12 The Corinthos family gets some surprising news

10/13 Michael finds out something shocking

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