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Date: Mon, 23-Oct-2017 8:33:31 AM PDT
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According to the latest SID Ingo/Dingo has a message for any Jerx recast. Big Whoop. Of course after that tension fueled build-up (saracasm) It's something stupid like "I wish him luck" Pfffft.

Wimpy is back this week (UGHH). Please keep him out of Sonny's story line. PLEASE! Sick him on Freako.

Little Avery may be getting SORASED. Sets of twins have been auditioning for some mystery role.

Tamara Braun is in talks with tptb to return to GH in a new "pivotal" role (whatever that means) having to do with the case of the two Jasons.

Rumors persist that Vanessa Marcil is in talks to return.

I'm heart broken about Kristina being written off the GH canvas. She is worth more than Amy and Nelle put together. Lexi's chem with Maurice is HUGE. Their father/daughter dynamic made a "meh" story line a stellar one. Lexi has a recurring role on TNT's Major Crimes. Hopefully GH will bring her back once her schedule allows. DON'T BE STUPID GH! This actress just won an EMMY!!!!

Speaking of Nelle--her sole purpose in life is to push Carly's buttons. Nelle is Carly's Rick, Wimpy, Jerx and Alcazar. It might be fun to see the shoe on the other foot for a change. What? Am I petty? Certainly not!

Can it be possible? Dare we even hope?? Is the original SaSon Bromance back? I know we're not supposed to know who is the real Jason but come on! NuJason comes back as Jake Doe and has major reconstruction surgery. He doesn't remember anything for TWO years. When he does remember he is so different that Sonny, Carly and Sam have numerous conversations about how much Jason has CHANGED and they've lost that
CONNECTION. NuJason makes very UnJason decisions like leaving the mob, not working for Sonny, buying a Media Conglomerate???? OGJason's first actions once he's free is to try and contact Sonny!! Once back in PC, he goes to Sonny's house first! Then he sends Sonny a note to meet at the bridge where Sonny and Robin scattered STONE'S ashes, and he mentions Sonny lending him $$$ at Luke's. He has Sonny flashbacks! He still pulls a gun like nobody's business. I also believe the first of his loved ones OGJason has contact with is Sonny (from looking at the spoilers). I welcome old school SaSon! I do not want Sonny to end up a prisoner of Jarly again but I whole heartedly welcome back old school SaSon where Jason is loyal to Sonny FIRST! So I am actually cautiously optimistic about Sonny's story line. Also, in SID's Nov Sweeps previews they note that Sonny and Carly are a solid couple and become even closer as they deal with Nelle and the two Jasons. (A part of me wishes Sonny would abandon Carly and leave her vulnerable like she did to him a year ago. But that would be very UnSonny and as I mentioned before I'm not petty {wink}). Although he isn't mentioned in the spoilers (of course) I think Sonny is on with NuJason and they argue about the note. Probably in 5 second scenes but we take what we can get.


Today: Franco confides in Andre.

Jake knows better.

Scott riles Kiki up.

Sam has a huge announcement.

Griffin reconnects with Anna.


*Sam has news.
*Jason is worried about Danny.
*Nelle tries to make Carly lose her cool.
*Jake tells Liz that he saw a man that looks like his dad before his new face.
*Nathan isn't down on keeping Man Landers going.
*Franco decides to focus on Liz.
*Griffin and Ava are followed by the Russian henchmen.
*Carly needs answers.
*Griffin and Ava seek refuge.
*Jason is need of Sonnys counsel.
*Patient 6 longs to hold Sam.
*Dante shares answers with Michael.
*Patient 6 grabs an opportunity during a bad situation.
*Valentin has an encounter with an old acquaintance.
*Finn keeps the lie going.
*Scott hunts for Alexis.
*Franco makes a huge change in his life.
*Carly gets a big surprise.
*Ava has nothing to hide from Griffin.
*Cassandra want to find it everything about Anna.
*Anna and Griffin reconnect and talk about what's happening in each other's lives.
* Liz figures out that Franco lied to her.
*Patient 6 makes a move.
*Scott makes Kiki's day very bad.
*Monica gives Olivia a family heirloom.
*Jason finally feels confident in the future.
*Sam's good time hits a full stop.
*Anna wants to protect Griffin.
*Curtis comes upon some dark information.
*Ava tries to help patient 6 get a handle on his identity.
*Jason and Sam go full throttle celebrating.
*Franco's distress comes out in his art.
*Franco confesses all to Andre.
*Griffin offers his shoulder to Liz.
*Sonny has a shocking moment.
*Sonny gut feeling tells him to believe his eyes and ears.
*Carly needs help, asap. Thanks to Nelle.
*Dr. Klein attempts to clean up his mess.

Anna worries about Griffin.
Sonny’s world is turned upside-down.
Sam and Jason celebrate.
Dr. Klein attempts to clean up his mess.
Carly sends an SOS.

Jason feels good about his family's future

Sam shares some big news

Things take a turn for Sam

Scott pushes Kiki's buttons

Franco shares his secrets with Andre

Andre has reason to be concerned

Franco's drawings turn darker

Andre tries to guide Franco in a different direction

Monica gifts a special heirloom

Cassandra remains a step ahead of an adversary

Nelle manipulates Carly

Michael wants answers from Nelle

Griffin and Ava's romance blossoms

Ava is on the hunt for solid evidence

Ava is wary

Griffin has questions

Griffin is a supportive friend to Liz

Curtis is troubled by what he learns

Jason turns to Sonny for help

Patient 6 stays close to Sam

Dante shares news with Michael

Cassandra is curious about Anna

Franco chooses a path

Sam (Kelly Monaco) has a huge announcement. Franco (Roger Howarth) confides in Andre (Anthony Montgomery). Jake (Hudson West) knows better. Scotty (Kin Shriner) riles Kiki (Hayley Erin) up. Griffin (Matt Cohen) reconnects with Anna (Finola Hughes). Curtis (Donnell Turner) gets disturbing news on Tuesday (Oct. 24). Ava (Maura West) looks for proof. Andre makes his intentions clear. Franco’s drawings take an unsettling turn. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) goads Carly (Laura Wright).

Monica (Leslie Charleson) hands down a family heirloom on Wednesday (Oct. 25). Ava isn’t convinced. Griffin is suspicious. Michael (Chad Duel) confronts Nelle. Maxie (Kirsten Storms) has a proposition. “Jason” (Billy Miller) feels auspicious about the future on Thursday (Oct. 26). Sonny (Maurice Benard) trusts his instincts. Andre has cause to worry. Michael changes his mind. Ava has a warning.

Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) celebration is cut short on Friday (Oct. 27). Griffin is there for Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst). Carly demands answers. Andre diverts Franco’s attention. Cassandra (Jessica Tuck) maneuvers an opponent. Coming up: Carly demands answers on Oct. 30, Valentin runs unto an old acquaintance on Nov. 2, while Franco makes a life-altering decision on Nov. 3.

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