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I never thought I would dislike Sam

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Date: Tue, 06-Feb-2018 6:58:18 PM PST
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I defended that girl here since her inception. Hell, I defended her before they even brought her on this show and soap talk pimped her and Jax a super couple. I hated her craziness through 2007, but she was still my girl. Gosh, SZ was fun back then.

But I just canít with her right now. I donít care that she fell in love with FakeJason. She has acted like she divorced Jason 5 years ago and he has just been out of town this whole time, instead of kidnapped and had his life stolen and handed to someone else. I just think she is treating Jason so indifferent. They could have had her still choose Drew, but with the way she has been acting, you would never think she loved Jason as much as she said did before he disappeared. They just had to give me something, but all she does it talk about her feelings for Drew.

So, yes, please move Jason on. I still canít jump on the Jiz train, ever, but if Kim would suddenly adopt TBís version of Carly and cut her damn hair, I could be down for them. Or maybe bring Hayden back? Hell, bring Courtney back if you must but let Jason move the hell on from Sam and get him out of the same story with SaD.

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