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Date: Mon, 16-Apr-2018 10:56:49 AM PDT
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I am so tired of feeling manipulated by GH to try to like characters that I loath. This never ending swill of whitewash is not only annoying--it's insulting.

I saw Franco do horrible things to Jason and Sam, to Michael, to his mother, and put people in cages. And some of that was done AFTER the brain tumor was removed. However I guess the brain tumor thing wasn't enough because now they've added a new malady to "explain" Freako's misdeeds: child abuse. I'm sorry but I don't buy this crap any more now than I did when I watched this stuff unfold I don't like a character that needs TWO reasons to whitewash his psychopathic behavior.

We all saw Julian torturing, gas lighting and menacing his wife. He didn't ACT like he was being coerced. And that B.S. whitewash story of him being coerced by OJ--I wouldn't want to play a character so wimpy that he's afraid of his sister. Also, coercion or not, this sends a very bad message to women. Because spouse abusers don't change and sending a woman back to a man that abuses her is like sending her to her death. Also, Wimpy could have just killed OJ rather than terrorize a woman he claims to love (to save her--right). Or he could have just left town or disappeared.

I'm sorry but I don't buy this crap any more now than I did when I watched this stuff unfold.

The only good story on this show right now is the Sonny/Mike Alzheimer's story. The acting is top notch and the story is BELIEVABLE. So why do we get such short scenes? We need longer scenes of the only good story line on GH right now. The Sonny/Stella scene last Friday was a good start. But we need more!


Monday April 16:

Carly is confronted.

Nelle messes with Avaís head.

Jason moves with caution.


Tuesday April 17:

Dante remains supportive.

Lulu gets an idea for a story.

Spinelli gets himself in a bit of a bind.


Wednesday April 18:

Anna strikes out, but pushes on.

Maxie ambushes Nina.

Elizabeth offers words of encouragement.


Thursday April 19:

Chase catches Sonny off-guard.

Kim encourages Julian to support his family.

Griffin is unsuccessful.


Friday April 20:

Griffin comforts Ava.

Carly is at her witís end.

Sonny receives a welcome phone call.

Anna receives a visit from Robert Scorpio, who wants to help on her quest to find Henrik.

Robert, Anna and Emma go on a super-spy adventure in Switzerland.

Jason runs into Sam in Switzerland.

Spinelli ends up in jail, which pushes Jason and Sam together to help their friend.

​Spinelli finds himself in a tight spot

Maxie catches Nina by surprise

Kim doesn't hold back

Kim offers Julian some advice

Sonny is caught by surprise

Sonny gets some good news

Jason proceeds with the utmost care

Jason isn't fooled

Anna forges ahead with her plans

Carly tries to explain herself

Carly doesn't know what to do

Josslyn struggles

Nelle manipulates Ava

Griffin puts Finn on the spot

Ava leans on Griffin

Kiki remains leery

Kiki bumps into a friend

Lulu is inspired

Jordan acts on a tip

Liz is determined to help Franco find his way

Anna comes clean

Ava reaches out to Scott

Julian has an encounter with his son

Sam helps a friend

Franco feels torn

General Hospital spoilers (GH) for April 16-20 promise a week of suspense and surprises both in and out of Port Charles.

Swiss Adventure
The search for Henrik takes Anna in one direction as Robert is there to lend his helpÖ and Jason in another direction that leads him smack dab to Sam.

Of course Sam (Kelly Monaco) just happened to choose Switzerland for her time away from two men, but with her children.

It seems like fate to both of them that they found each other and Sam begins to wonder if this is the answer sheís been searching for.

She even gets that adrenaline rush she always gets when sheís around Jason and danger, but then remembers she has her children with her and has to make a big decision.

Spoilers reveal that Jason proceeds with caution, but also sees the truth by the end of the week. What truth is that?

Meanwhile, Anna didnít really wants Robertís help, but she does find a lead. Unfortunately, she strikes out, but is undeterred.

Missing Avery
Back in Port Charles, Nelle isnít just playing around with Carlyís head. She also messes with Avaís head.

However, both women have Avery to worry about and Sonny and Ava are forced to work together.

Vindictive Nelle
That doesnít stop Nelle from proceeding with her plan and by the end of the week, Carly is completely at her witís end.

The Henrik Saga
Griffin is still tormented by what he knows about Henrik and spoilers reveal heís unsuccessful with a quest.

Maxie wants to know what the heck is going on with Nina and confronts her just as Lulu has a new idea for a story.

Kikiís Dilemma
Kiki (Hayley Erin) is still torn about what to do about the shadowing program with Dr. Bensch and expresses her doubts. She later runs into Molly ) and they have a long talk.

Julianís Dilemma
Mollyís mom is in for a big surprise, while Kim makes her intentions clear and encourages Julian to be there for his family.

A New Life
Franco (Roger Howarth) has a hard time adjusting to life while finally knowing what happened to him and Drew as little boys, but Elizabeth is there to support him and help him along.

Scorpio Returns - And Sam And Jason Reunite!
Jason and Anna get more than they bargained for when they and Emma arrive in Switzerland on the hunt for Henrik: She gets a surprise visit from Scorpio, while he has a chance encounter with Sam. When Scorpio expresses his intent to participate in her mission, she doesnít mind the help, but doesnít want any interference. Emma, meanwhile, is just happy for the chance to play superspy alongside her grandparents. When Jason excuses himself from Annaís presence to let the Scorpio clan catch up, he runs into Sam, who is in Switzerland to sort out her conflicted feelings for Drew and Jason. Soon, they get word that Spinelliís own efforts to track down Henrik have landed him in jail. Jason is quick to spring into action to try to help his pal, and at least at first, Sam is eager to join him. But Sam comes to question her instinct to rush to Spinelliís aid.

Sonny attempts to assert his rights.
Michael is relieved.
Samís plans are canceled.
Anna interrupts Finn and Alexis.
Finn gets the news heís been waiting for.

Mike wanders off with Avery, and their disappearance causes great angst for the extended Corinthos clan. Carly was supposed to meet her father-in-law and stepdaughter in the park, but didnít show up thanks to Nelleís trickery. When Ava discovers that Averyís whereabouts are unknown, she is terrified.

Nelle messes with Avaís head on 4/16, while Carly is confronted and Jason moves with caution.
Dante remains supportive on 4/17, while Lulu gets an idea for a story and Kim makes an offer.
Maxie ambushes Nina on 4/18, while Elizabeth offers words of encouragement and Molly and Kiki have an uncomfortable conversation.
Chase catches Sonny off-guard on 4/19, while Kim encourages Julian to support his family and Griffin is unsuccessful.

Griffin comforts Ava.
Carly is at her witís end.
Sonny receives a welcome phone call.

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