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Sonny weekly spoiler post

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Date: Mon, 30-Apr-2018 9:38:41 AM PDT
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Well GH just couldn't leave well enough alone. The Corinthos clan is already going through a crisis with Mike that is extremely stressful and painful. It's enough in of itself for most families to handle. It should have been a story about a family banding together to take care of a loved one with Alzheimer's. That's plenty right there. But no--we had to add the unnecessary Nelle/Ava stuff which is taking the emphasis off the important part of the story line for other trivial story lines. This ephemera is driving the Corinthoses apart just when they should be leaning on one another. Don't get me wrong. Maurice, Laura, Max, Dominic and even Chad are putting in some great performances but that gets diluted when the story is filled with interlopers who just lessen the impact of this storyThe only person that does add to the story is Aunt Stella who seems to realize how difficult this is for a family, especially father and son. Vernee Watson is excellent in her scenes too. I just really view this as a lost opportunity on GH's part. I'm too mad to talk about anything else.


Monday April 30:

Anna is all worked up.

Jason looks for an ally in Lulu.

Curtis stumbles upon an interesting piece of information.


Tuesday May 1:

Lucy offers a welcome interruption.

Griffin confronts Ava.

Bobbie is concerned.


Wednesday May 2:

Chase respects Finnís wishes.

Sonny skirts the issue.

Anna is put on notice.


Thursday May 3:

Anna surprises Jason.

Maxie seeks out Peter.

Nina urges Curtis to continue his search.


Friday May 4:

Carly receives an invitation.

Lulu is less-than-honest with Dante.

Maxie looks on the bright side.


May Sweeps

The Nursesí Ball will again be filled with dancing and singing.

The birth of a baby is upon Port Charles.

A life-threatening situation will consume one.

Various storylines come to a head.

A few profess their feelings.

Sam has to access being the co-owner of Aurora Media.

Drew continues to search for details from his past, and Andre could prove to be of service.

Crimes from Sonnyís past continue to unsettle him.

Carly struggles as the haunting surrounding Morgan continues.

To ensure she comes out on top, Nelle produces one more weapon in her quest to get Carly out of the picture.

Franco is able to move forward by putting the past behind.

Liz and Franco try to set a wedding date.

One pair emerges from the Anna/Finn/Alexis/Julian/Kim group, while others use their past to decide who to connect with and on what level.

Anna, Maxie and Jason are affected when Henrik is revealed to be Peter. This revelation comes back to bite Griffin, whoís been harboring the secret.

​Bobbie fears the worst

Sonny is evasive

Anna is on edge

Anna is given a warning

Jason reaches out to Lulu

Anna catches Jason off-guard

Alexis and Finn open up to each other

Chase does as his brother asks

Curtis makes an interesting discovery

Nina's doubts linger, and she implores Curtis to keep digging

Curtis hopes to get a little backup from T.J.

Peter remains calm, cool, and collected

Maxie pays Peter a visit

Maxie tries to be optimistic

Valentin attempts to smooth things over

Lucy's timing is perfect

Ava tries to explain herself

Griffin is left stunned

Drew's kindness helps a troubled soul

Franco deals with the past

Lulu breaks a promise to Dante

Ava is on top of the world

Nelle betrays a friend

Jason and Drew cross paths

Lucas has questions

Josslyn makes an appeal to Carly

Jordan's life takes an unexpected turn

Nelle grows desperate as she sees her plans begin to unravel

Griffin is left feeling horrified after coming to Ava with a stern confrontation, then arriving at the slow realization that he has been kept in the dark.

While the tension rises between them, Curtis uncovers some interesting information, leading Nina to put a new spin on the manís investigation.

Amidst it all, Valentin is put into a precarious situation, and he ultimately has to scramble to play peacemaker.


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