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Date: Mon, 21-May-2018 6:06:29 PM PDT
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It was nice to see Sonny take center stage (literally) in this years Nurses Ball. After all it was his close friendship with the doomed AIDS sufferer Stone, back when AIDS was a death sentence, that kicked off what has become a GH institution. Sonny paid all of Stone's medical costs and was his major caregiver until Stone's death. He donated an AIDS wing to GH in Stone's memory and has generously supported the Ball for many years. He stepped in as a father figure to Robin as her parents were nowhere in sight when she was going through so much trauma at such a young age. It is only right that he remain central to the Nurses Ball.

Maurice, Max and Vernee, as usual, were excellent in their scenes. I have come to love Sonny's relationship with Aunt Stella and I hope they continue this friendship. Sonny has never had a strong maternal figure in his life and it's about time he got one. He and Stella are so natural in their scenes together and it's like watching an organic friendship grow.

Maurice is giving such a bravura performance. He is portraying Sonny with triple layers. There's the Sonny who would rather be consoling his wife then at this ball, there's the protective son who is supporting his father while he still can, and that includes him joining his father on stage and saving the day, and as a tiny undercurrent there is the wounded, vulnerable little boy who was so hurt by his father's abandonment. This abandonment kicked off a very dark period in his life.

AND...Who knew Maurice was such a good singer? Dang, this guy is a triple threat. I loved the choice of song for Mike and Sonny. It had a real Sinatra vibe. I can say that because growing up my parents played nothing but Frank Sinatra records. All Sinatra, all the time. I heard "Summer Wind" 9,999 times. Ok, they also liked Judy Garland. But you get the picture. It was ring a ding ding around my house until my siblings and I got older and started listening to British Rockers with chipped teeth.

On a different note, I am really getting sick of being told by GH that I didn't see what I saw. I saw Wimpy fantasize about killing his wife while she was in a bath, I saw him abuse her and practically ruin her career by demanding she do something unethical to save his sorry butt, I saw him actually try to KILL her, and now I'm being told what I saw was something different?? Sorry, the story I watched play out is NOT easily explained by a flimsy whitewash--that he was afraid of his big sister. He relished torturing Alexis too much. He was enjoying himself too much to somehow turn that into something else. I don't like being patronized and talked down to. I am too smart to buy such a flimsy whitewash. Same with Freako. The guy needed not one but TWO separate whitewashes and in my view he is still not exonerated. If you have to try and whitewash a character not one but TWO times maybe it's time to give up. GH please stop insulting my intelligence. Stop making characters untenable and then try to exonerate them with a flimsy whitewash. It doesn't work. One could argue that this is also true of Sonny but that argument doesn't wash. Sonny's childhood abuse at the hands of his stepfather was not a rewrite. It explained some things, but it never completely whitewashed him. Sonny never became a completely exonerated character. There is dark and light in Sonny. This is aided by the fact that Maurice is such a good actor that he managed to show vulnerability and evoke sympathy in even the most craptastic story lines. And in his 23 years with GH Sonny did have many craptastic story lines.

I can buy the Anna/Heinrich story because it's from a time in Anna's life that was never fully fleshed out. It's NOT a rewrite. It's just adding to the history of the character. THAT's the difference. THAT's why it's believable. Same with Sonny and Dante, Carly and Bobbie--heck even with Drew and Oscar.


Monday May 21:

Valentin walks a fine line.

Lucy is apologetic.

Anna grows anxious.

Tuesday May 22:

Peter feels deceived.

Finn seeks answers.

Sam tries to help.

Wednesday May 23:

Valentin crosses Lulu.

Dante has had enough.

Drew pays his respect.

Thursday May 24:

Carly is upset.

Nelle gets the support she craves.

Alexis quickly regrets her actions.

Friday May 25:

Sonny is tormented.

Nina pays Lulu a visit.

Valentin tries his best.

Stella is sympathetic as Mike’s condition worsens.

Carly finally snaps.

Jason doesn’t agree with Anna’s idea.

Kiki receives disturbing information.

Alexis works to get to the root of the problem.

Valentin scrambles to keep his secrets buried

Lulu's wishes don't concern Valentin

Dante reaches his breaking point

Nina has a chat with Lulu

Anna nervously awaits to meet her son

Peter refuses to abandon Maxie

Peter feels duped

Anna is left devastated

Peter isn't out of options

Maxie is filled with concern

Sam offers assistance

Finn is determined to get to the bottom of things

Carly's frustrations mount

Nelle feels victorious

Sonny wrestles with his conscience

Kiki feels defensive

Kiki leans on a friend

Kiki acts without thinking

Drew reflects on the past

Alexis' impulsive actions have repercussions

Griffin bites off more than he can chew

Oscar and Josslyn make a promise

Carly reaches her breaking point

Andre hesitates to take the next step

Peter has the advantage

Liesl points the finger

Maxie is deeply embarrassed

A woman arrives in Port Charles with a secret

Valentin pays a high price for his deception

Nelle grows desperate as she sees her plans begin to unravel

Nelle welcomes Michael’s support.
Diane’s request is denied.
Drew learns valuable information.
Monica is sympathetic.

Kiki turns to Griffin for support after an uncomfortable encounter with Bensch, leading to a major Griffin/Ava blowup. As Griffin is consoling Kiki, unbeknownst to them, Ava walks by the door and sees them in an embrace. Ava misconstrues what’s happening and later confronts her beau, leading to them basically breaking up. Kiki and Griffin end up commiserating, but when alcohol gets involved, will Ava’s worst fear become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Peter feels deceived on 5/22, while Finn seeks answers and Sam tries to help.
Valentin crosses Lulu on 5/23, while Dante has had enough and Drew pays his respects.
Carly is upset on 5/24, while Nelle gets the support she craves and Alexis quickly regrets her actions.

Sonny is tormented.
Nina pays Lulu a visit.
Valentin tries his best.

General Hospital spoilers (GH) for May 21-25 promise a week Peter August, aka Henrik Faison, will never forget.

Mothers And Babies
Peter was all set to meet his ‘mother’, without realizing Anna Devane really is his mother, but he gets a little sidetracked when he’s forced to deliver Maxie’s baby on the side of the road.

Spoilers reveal Sam trying to help someone next week while Maxie remains disheartened. Does something horrible happen to the baby?

If something terrible does happen, Peter doesn’t let himself get sidetracked for long. (This makes us think nothing horrid happens just yet.) He does meet with Anna, who for a while didn’t think he would show.

When the two finally do come face to face, it’s like a game of cat and mouse.

Anna finally knows who her son is, but Peter feels deceived as he begins to realize what’s really been going on.

Is this the reunion Anna has been hoping for or is Peter’s anger to great for him to accept the woman who gave him up? Spoilers reveal a distraught Anna while Peter has an ace up his sleeve.

Saving Himself?
Valentin is forced to walk a fine line as he has to escape Robert’s wrath.

He also crosses Lulu and Dante has had enough of his games. Nina also pay a visit to Lulu, but is it about Maxie, Peter, or both?

Carly vs. Nelle
In Corinthos land, Nelle remains in the hospital and finally gets the support she’s been craving.

However, this makes Carly more incensed than ever as Sonny is tormented by everything going on around him.

Kiki Too
Kiki doesn’t have the best week as she catches Dr. Bensch staring at her in a way he shouldn’t be staring at her. She seeks comfort from Griffin and then takes some impulsive action.

Odds And Ends
In other Port Charles news, Oscar and Josslyn make a pact, and Alexis soon regrets a surprise action.

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