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Date: Tue, 29-May-2018 4:00:09 AM PDT
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Dang doesn't this summer look great? It's Jason Jason Jason! Jason comforts Carly, Jason tries to clear Carly's name AND then he gets to also be Sonny's only buddy as Sonny grapples with Mike and the Croton issue. And of course he has to save the entire town of Port Charles.

Here are the rules of GH: Sonny is a mobster and he's baaaad. However, Jason, Wimpy and Ava don't fall underneath the mobster umbrella because of the magic of the space-time continuum. So they aren't.

The whitewash of Freako and Wimpy goes on. Wimpy is going to be ensure his son's happiness with the adoption. What--is he going to pull a knife on the kid's birth mom and then say O.J. made him do it?? Liz's family will persecute poor brained tumored abused widdle Feako and make him sad. Ava goes dark again and I'm hoping her target is Nelle.

Sonny at least gets to support Mike and get to the bottom of the Croton thing. Small favors. But he'll be separated from Carly. Damn it looks like Sonny will have only the support of Dante this summer with poor Mike. Also, Dante might stop being Mr. Lulu Spencer and get to be a Corinthis so that's a good thing.

Looks like Robert and his hair might be around this summer. Boo.

There is a new D.A. in town. With Sonny and Carly being separated by distance maybe Sonny can seduce his way in getting the D.A. to be more lenient with Carly. There I said it and it feels better.


Tuesday May 29:

Carly snaps.

Andre is reluctant.

Franco isnít entirely supportive.


Wednesday May 30:

Peter has leverage.

Jason is noncommittal.

Alexis wants to get to the root of the problem.


Thursday May 31:

Obrecht places blame.

Ava discourages Griffin.

Valentin tries to defend himself.


Friday June 1:

Carly looks on the bright side.

Jason offers words of encouragement.

Maxie feels foolish.


Recast! Former Days of our Lives actress Molly Burnett will appear as Maxie on General Hospital, due to health issues with Kirsten Storms.

Alexis gives her expert opinion.

Monica feels weighed down.

Anna refuses to take credit.

Kiki receives support from Liz.

Kim breathes a sigh of relief.

A few people may ruin Peterís chance at freedom, even though he has one last cardup his sleeve.

Maxie feels betrayed by Peter.

Anna is torn regarding Peterís actions and Robinís questions.

Valentin has his work cut out for him in trying to win Nina back.

Carlyís falsified guilty plea might not turn out as planned and will force her and Sonny to remain a united front from afar.

Though Mikeís condition worsens, he reveals more of what happened at Croton to Sonny, who sets out to get to the bottom of the situation.

Jason is consumed in a few precautious situations while trying to clear Carlyís name.

Michaelís life moving forward will involve Jasonís heavy presence.

Sam and Curtis team up on a big case that puts her in Drew and Jasonís orbits.

Drew may find answers about his past that heíd rather had stayed hidden.

Kim and Julian continue to spend time together but will face obstacles that involve others who they want to be with.

Franco suggests that more of Lizís family take part in their wedding, which leads to issues neither prepared for.

Anna and Finn try to rebuild their relationship, as Robert helps Anna form one with her son.

Griffinís one-night stand with Kiki weighs heavily on him.

Kiki takes a strong stand against Dr. Bensch and plans to make sure he doesnít cross the line again.

Dante and Luluís careers put a damper on their marriage.

Though Stella publicly has accepted Jordan and Curtisí union, privately she has not.

Brad and Lucas worry about the adoption law, where the birth mother can change her mind. However, Julian plans to make sure his sonís happiness remains in the face of the adoption.

Chaseís connection to some surprising Port Charles residents will be revealed.

A turn of events may prevent Nelle from getting what she wants, as Michael will prove to be a big force of power.

Carly, will be featured outside of the courtroom and will relate to various other characters.

Oscar works to support Josslyn during her motherís troubles.

Look for more of Cameron.

The new district attorney has her hands full

Carly reaches her breaking point

Carly tries her best to be optimistic

Jason refuses to make any promises

Sam fears the worst

Andre hesitates to take the next step

Andre expresses his reservations

Valentin offers up excuses

Nina receives a strange text message

Griffin is deeply conflicted about Ava

Liesl is on the warpath

Peter has the advantage

Anna tries to connect with her son

Maxie is deeply embarrassed

Franco's lack of support is noticed

Alexis talks to Kevin

Alexis is determined to get to the bottom of things

Kiki's guilt and frustrations mount


Maxie is overwhelmed with emotion

Sam reaches out for assistance

Anna makes a confession

Ava shares what she witnessed

Ava embraces her dark side

Nelle's past catches up with her

Love is in the air as summer kicks into high gear

General Hospital spoilers (GH) reveal babies and bombshells taking center stage this summer as Port Charles heats up like it hasnít all year.

According to published reports, youíll also see heightened romance with both the younger and older sets on the 55-year-old soap.

Jason, Sam, And Drew
Jason is Jason as always and ready to protect Carly and get her through this mess with Nelle.

He also has to get Sonny through the mess in Croton, while Sam decides sheís a private investigator again full time. Will her investigations help Jason out in any way?

While Jason and Sam solve mysteries, Drew wants some memoriesĖpreferably his own. He faces life with possibly no memories at all, but thereís still the case of a flash drive inside a disco ball Christmas ornament thatís still out there.

The Henrik Faison Situation
Maxie has to come to terms with the fact that the man sheís wanted to hate so much is also a man she developed feelings for.

Anna has to come to terms with the fact that her son might not have a solid moral compass after all. And Valentin has to come to terms with the fact that he might have lost Nina forever.

least thereís some romance here as Anna and Finn decide to give it a go as Finn also to deal with his past. Doesnít everyone always have to deal with a past?

The Corinthoses In Croton-On-Hudson
Sonny finally learns what Mike was doing in Croton that day so many years ago and what he knows. Of course, he can only find this out during the rare moments Mike is lucid, as his health takes a turn for the worse.

Meanwhile, heíll be kept apart from Carly thanks to Nelle. But, it doesnít look like Nelle gets everything she wants. Michael might start to get a backbone this summer and someone unexpected puts a big olí wrench in Nelleís little plot.

Griffin And The Jerome Girls
For an ex-priest turned neurosurgeon, Griffin is one busy man trying to keep Ava from learning what he did with Kiki on Nursesí Ball Night. Meanwhile, Kiki finally takes a stand against Dr. Bensch.


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