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Date: Mon, 09-Jul-2018 7:11:02 AM PDT
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First off I have to say that Maurice Benard has been especially handsome lately. I don't know what you're doing Maurice but keep on doing it!

Good Lord, when you can't white wash somebody enough then you have to resort to an old GH standby: piggy back the character off Sonny by throwing him randomly in Sonny's story line. Was it necessary to pile Wimpy on Sonny while Sonny is already under so much pressure what with having his wife in Ferncliff and his father having Alzheimer's and Nelle creeper with his son? No, let's pile on more because Wimpy needs to be furthered whitewashed. This will give Wimpy something to hold over Sonny and perhaps further jeopardizing Sonny's custody of Avery OR he will be portrayed as the good guy who saved Sonny and Mike. Neither option works for me. I like option 3: Jason shoots him. Stop using Sonny to push characters! Let them stand (or not) on their own merits. Luckily Maurice is such a good actor he'll be able to generate sympathy for Sonny but this is all becoming too much.

Honestly, haven't we suffered enough with the Freako and Wimpy whitewash. A tumor wasn't enough to whitewash Freako--they had to throw a little child abuse into Freako's story--which, to me, still hasn't exonerated him for being a psycho, attempted rapist mass murderer.

What a joke it is to see Wimpy and Freako run around outraged over Kiki's situation with Dr. Creeper. Both of them have abused women. Having Alexis be Kiki's lawyer doesn't help this story line either. Alexis is a woman still in love with her abuser. We can do without Wimpy and Freako's fake and hypocritical outrage over Kiki thank you. And Diane would have been a better lawyer for Kiki.

There wasn't any Jarly nonsense last week so that was good. I know I'll be annoyed by Jarly soon enough but have to give credit where credit is due.

The Peter and Nelle storylines are dragging on for far too long. Can we move them along please?
They aren't interesting at all--they're just annoying.

Maurice did a very interesting podcast with Steve Burton and Bradford Anderson where he talks very candidly about mental illness. Give it a listen.

Here is the link:



Monday July 9:

Nina has impeccable timing.

Peter makes a promise.

Franco is curious.


Tuesday July 10:

Michael apologizes.

Nelle is shaken.

Carly confides in Kevin.


Wednesday July 11:

Nina chastises Valentin.

Obrecht is distracted.

Nelle suffers a setback.


Thursday July 12:

Valentin questions Ninaís story.

Sonny prepares Mike.

Jordan looks to Stella for guidance.


Friday July 13:

Carly demands to see Kevin.

Something about Oscar seems too familiar to Ava.

Chase makes a plea.


Coming up on GH:

Obrecht spies Wyatt telling Finn and Franco about the man in the cabin.

Franco questions Obrecht.

Wyatt pinpoints Obrecht as Peterís kidnapper.

Franco and Finn set out for the cabin in the woods.

Maxie stands up for Nina.

Carly refuses to apologize.

Jason becomes impatient.

Drew receives encouragement from Curtis.

TJ reappears to spend time with his mom, Jordan.

Monica Quartermaine will look familiar again since Leslie Charleson resumes taping at GH beginning in July.

Nina's appearance is well-timed

Nina makes her feelings clear

Valentin grows suspicions of Nina

Franco's curiosity is piqued

Sonny is careful to hide his true feelings

Mike gets some help from his son

Michael is filled with regret

Nelle is rattled

Nelle's luck begins to turn

Michael reaches out to Alexis

Nelle hears something that doesn't sit well with her

Carly opens up to Kevin

Sam makes headway with her investigation

Liesl lets her guard down

Lulu takes a step back

Jordan turns to Stella for help

Ava takes notice of Oscar's new cologne

Finn hopes to make peace

Finn senses that something isn't right

Jason has a private word with Drew

Ned decides to cut to the heart of the matter

Michael feels conflicted

Valentin solves a mystery

Sonny learns about Julian's plans for Charlie's Pub

Carly pays the piper

Diane delivers unwelcome news

Down the road previews

Nelle's carefully laid plans unravel

Will a blast from the past save the day?

Ava embraces her dark side

Love is in the air as summer kicks into high gear

Could Kevin be hiding a deadly secret?

Nelle has been too confident of late and making mistakes left and right, as she believes she has Michael wrapped around her pregnant fingers. She even got him to put a ring on it, and thinks sheís covered all her tracks.

Of course, thereís still the case of that missing cologne, and Ava gets awfully curious when thereís something about Oscar that seems familiar. Does she recognize Morganís signature scent on the boy?

Spoilers reveal that Nelle is shaken by something, and Michael is forced to apologize.

Then she suffers a setback in her twisted plot. Unfortunately, when Michael asks Alexis for help, Nelle does not like what she hears at all.

By the end of the week, Chase is making a plea. Is he pleading for his life Ė or Michaelís? Is it all part of the plan to trap this deranged young woman?

Desperate Carly
Over at Ferncliff, Carly becomes more suspicious about who might be in the next room, and confides her fears in Kevin. By the end of the week, she is frantic and demanding to see her psychiatrist. It looks like

Kevin is hiding something.

Sonny has Nelle, Michael, and Carly to worry about, but seems a little more concerned about Mike and a dead body. While he tries to play it cool, knowing that body is in Julianís pub is getting to him.

Mikeís condition is also deteriorating, and Sonny finds himself having to prepare his father.

Out in the woods, Nina has some great timing as Peter is plotting his escape.

Things get even more unusual as our young scout is one of Francoís art therapy kids, and tells him about the man in the cabin and the woman he saw there; Obrecht.

Finn and Franco consult on some strange happenings with Obrecht , and decide to do some investigating of their own just as Sam finds another clue.

Meanwhile, Nina has to tell a few tall tales to Valentin, and he also begins to grow suspicious about what his wife may have to do with his friendís disappearance.

The Q Family
In Quartermaine land, Ned oddly reaches out to Drew and Jason finds himself taking his brotherís side. Soon, Ned has to address the proverbial elephant in the room. What might he want to talk about?


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