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Oh good lord. Last week was all about pimping Freako and his inane mutterings in the Carly breakout at Ferncliffe. This week the white paint returns for Wimpy as he tries to get Ava to turn in the blanket which would free Carly. Jason, Freako and Wimpy are all about Carly but guess who has no role in this story?Carly's husband! Sonny has been farmed out to watch son Michael and dad Mike. Mike has become a mere afterthought and a pawn in the story where Wimpy yet again may get to play hero.

We were also privy to a conversation between Jason and Carly where they swore to trust no one but each other.

What is there in all this for a Sonny fan to like? I can't be 100% behind Carson since she now only trusts Jason. All of Sonny's other stories have been hijacked by Freako or Wimpy or back burnered.

I miss that Corinthos family where Sonny was Pater and if there was any rescuing needed to be done Sonny was the one to do it. He was perfectly capable of it in the FIVE years real Jason was gone.

If tptb want Sonny's fans to be happy Sonny needs to take back his family,perform his own heroics and the family has to come together for Mike's sake to honor this Alzheimer's story and give it the send off it deserves.

Thank gosh Krissy will be back soon!

There is a drive for Maurice's fans to donate to NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to honor his 25 years on GH. Donations can be made the whole month of August. Please give if you can. Link is below:




Monday August 6:

Jason voices his concerns.

Ava is inspired by Julian’s actions.

Drew makes a grand gesture.


Tuesday August 7:

Jason meets with Margaux.

Sonny's interest is piqued.

Nelle taunts those around her.


Wednesday August 8:

Finn refuses to help.

Kiki prepares for her trial.

Julian is grateful.


Thursday August 9:

Franco makes matters worse.

Sonny’s day is bittersweet.

Jordan takes the initiative.

Friday August 10:

Franco makes a dramatic move.

Elizabeth is conflicted.

Ava forces Scotty’s hand.

Finn and Robert go in search of Anna.

Nelle refuses to listen.

Jason receives help from Sam.

Franco works to warn Alexis.

Jason is put on notice by Margaux.

Time’s running out for Valentin.

Drew makes a big gesture.

Scotty tries to reason with Dr. Bensch.

Kiki anticipates the trial ahead.

Franco ends up making things worse.

Kevin issues an apology.

Scott works to make things happen.

Sonny aims to make Mike comfortable.

Bad news reaches Julian.

Cameron goes along with Josslyn.

Nelle refuses to go down without a fight

Ava gets some inspiration from her brother

Jason expresses his grave reservations

Margaux misreads things

Jason and Margaux have a little chat

Drew listens to a private conversation

Sonny's curiosity is aroused

Scott does his best to talk sense into Dr. Bensch

Franco has a talk with his father before the trial

Griffin sees Ava's deep love for Kiki

Ava pushes Scott to act

Kiki's trial date looms

Franco's help has the opposite effect

Franco won't give up

Liz feels torn

Jordan wants answers

Jordan takes action

Curtis is caught off-guard

Finn digs in and refuses to cooperate

Kevin is filled with remorse

Oscar turns to his father for guidance

Jason thinks he might have things figured out

Kiki is an emotional wreck

Sam's assistance is needed

Michael is overwhelmed with grief

Sonny has a chat with Julian

General Hospital spoilers for August 6th – 10th

Promise a farewell to Nelle, but she’s not about to let ANYONE off easy for their perceived transgressions.

Nell should never have underestimated the girl who has her other kidney because both young women are made of some strong stock.

Joss took a page out of her mother’s book and did what half the town has wanted to do to Nelle for the past two years, and now Nelle’s sitting at the PCPD in cuffs.

But that doesn’t mean she’s going down without a fight… well, at least another fight. She has an absolutely epic showdown with Carly next week and makes sure to taunt everyone around her before…taking off for parts unknown?

Meanwhile, Jason feels he has all he needs to make sure Carly does NOT have to go to Canada and meets with Margaux.

She might have just had an interesting run-in with Drew, but does she want to hear from his brother?

While Jordan tries to gather evidence, Ava just might have what she’s looking for in the form of a baby blanket. Will Julian convince her to turn it in?

Ava also has Kiki to worry about next week. Her trial against Dr. Bensch begins, but there’s some

pre-courtroom drama as Franco he gets some news from Scott.

Spoilers that say Franco makes matters worse and then makes a very dramatic move by the end of the week. Does it have anything to do with Griffin?

Finn is in a whole lot of trouble as his search for Anna didn’t go quite as planned. He refuses to help someone. Could that someone be Robert?

In other Port Charles new, Sonny has a bittersweet day, Curtis gets a shock, and Oscar turns to Drew for advice. (Could he be afraid of his badass girlfriend?)

​The aftermath of Nelle’s desperate baby switch with Brad and her equally desperate attempt to flee Port Charles will create major fireworks! Even as the PCPD close in on Nelle, don’t expect her to go quietly. Michael grieving for a child who is actually very much alive is but a minor inconvenience in Nelle’s mind. As the Nelle drama comes to a head, Michael crosses paths with Lucas, Brad and the baby, who, of course, he doesn’t know is his own son.

Cameron follows Josslyn’s lead.
Scotty does his best.
Sonny tries his best to make things easier for Mike.
Julian gets bad news.

Before the sexual harassment case against Bensch begins, Scott - who is secretly working to promote Kiki’s victory - advises him to settle it. Scott then alerts Franco to the fact that Kiki had sex with another GH doctor, Griffin, and tasks him with telling Alexis.

Jason voices his concerns on 8/6, while Ava is inspired by Julian’s actions and Drew makes a grand gesture.
Jason meets with Margaux on 8/7, while Sonny’s interest is piqued and Griffin makes a declaration.
Finn refuses to help on 8/8, while Julian is grateful and Maxie calls out Valentin.
Franco makes matters worse on 8/9, while Sonny’s day is bittersweet and Jordan takes the initiative.

Franco makes a dramatic move.
Elizabeth is conflicted.
Ava forces Scotty’s hand.

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