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Date: Mon, 10-Sep-2018 8:53:13 AM PDT
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Well this is great! Let's use another variation of the Lily clink boom on Kristina AGAIN only this time let's add the additional guilt inducing gob stopper that it be by Mike's hand. Wimpy will end up saving her (or possibly Jason) and Sonny will be the bad guy because he was hesitant to put Mike in an assisted living facility (which is only normal). Then we'll get Alexis into the mix pointing fingers and yelling at Sonny which is always so pleasant. We'll just forget that Alexis put Kristina in the path of danger when she took up with Wimpy.

The only reason that Krissy was put to work at Charlie's was so this scenario could be played out and this is just LAZY WRITING! Surely, if Lulu could become an investigative journalist in 10 seconds and Mopey can run a corporation on a high school degree and Freako could be an occupational therapist with NO TRAINING or Kiki can go to med school without a college degree Kristina could have been put to work at Aurora media or the inquisitor or ELQ or be a PR liason for Crimson or even go to cop school. Something more befitting a person with an actual college degree.

This crap just taints the Alzheimer's story which should only have been how a family grapples and comes together for the sake of a loved one who they see disappearing in fits and starts due to this hideous desease. Everything else in this story line could have waited until AFTER the Alzheimer's story was done.

And how dumb is Wimpy (This is a rhetorical question). He really doesn't suspect that Wiley could be Jonah? I mean women just don't go walking around giving away their newborns. Shouldn't Wimpy have at least checked the hospitals or something before he decided to help Brad? The infant in question might have had a FATHER. No, he just goes into mob mode and made the fake birth mother disappear (which apparently he was unable to do with his evil big sis--whatever.)

When Kristina met with her family to announce she was staying in Port Charles how come Michael and Molly weren't there? I mean she has more siblings than Sam.


Monday September 10:

Maxie cautions Nina.

Valentin gets an update from Curtis.

Brad has mixed feelings.


Tuesday September 11:

Julian calls Alexis.

Sonny wants answers.

Drew spends time with Sam.


Wednesday September 12:

Mike is shaken.

Chase shares his discovery.

Sonny is confronted.


Thursday September 13:

Margaux and Jordan worked together, as Briana Nicole Henry debuts as GH's Jordan recast.

Kristina opens up to Sam.

Maxie is confused.


Friday September 14:

Carly calls Sonny out.

Jordan and Margaux continue to brainstorm.

Kim tears into Drew.


More GH spoilers:

After Mike trampers with the gas lines at Charlie’s Pub, Kristina spots him and alerts Sonny to his father’s whereabouts. Julian smells gas and tries to get everyone out of the pub, but Mike refuses to leave. When Kristina sees him drop a wrench, she realizes what Mike did. Kristina rushes back into the pub to fix the gas leak but is caught in an explosion, as many race in to save her. Julian begins to see what’s behind Mike’s actions and the truth surrounding the dead body hidden there is at risk of being revealed.

Ava gets under Nina’s skin.

Oscar is stunned.

Jason takes a stance.

Margaux receives a warning from Sam about Drew.


SOD Fall previews

Ava’s negativity continues.

Kiki and Griffin begin to question their friendship.

Many circumstances will have an effect on Jason, Sam and Drew’s lives.

Margaux's interest in Sonny goes past professional and she continues to plot to take him down.

Drew realizes Margaux has the flash drive.

Sonny is forced to make a decision for what’s best for Mike and the rest of his family and continues to worry about the dead body buried under Charlie’s Pub.

Michael struggles, emotionally.

Chase and Michael become good friends.

Brad’s direct guilt could affect his and Lucas’ happiness.

Kevin wants to help rehabilitate Ryan.

Ryan has unfinished business in Port Charles.

Laura makes her way back to Port Charles and becomes caught up in a storyline of her own. as

Robin visits Port Charles in order to see her brother, Peter, which could turn things around for everyone when Kimberly McCullough returns to General Hospital.

Maxie struggles with her feelings toward Peter, as he and Lulu bond over work.

Another family crisis will affect the planning of Franco and Liz’s wedding, as well as their immediate lives.

On their search for answers surrounding Cassandra, Anna and Finn may stumble upon a bigger mystery.

Nina and Valentin reconnect when she receives shocking news.

A legal case draws Alexis into Julian and Kim’s orbit.

Kristina could be headed down a dangerous path.

Terry will become involved as Oscar’s illness shakes up a few lives.

Carly's temper flares

Sonny lands in hot water

Carly refuses to let Sonny off the hook

Another incident leaves Mike rattled

Julian reaches out to Alexis

Kim gives Drew a piece of her mind

Drew leans on Sam

Kristina confides to her sister

Franco is filled with self-doubt

Franco is left shaken

Cameron can't stay out of trouble

Oscar follows his first instinct

Peter sees things more clearly

Lulu's guard is up

Maxie urges Nina to be careful

Maxie doesn't know what to make of things

Jordan and Margaux join forces

Brad remains conflicted about the choices he made

Michael is haunted

Chase makes an interesting discovery

Curtis has news for Valentin

Nina refuses to give up hope

A sneak peek at next week

Robin clarifies a few things

Lucy is caught off guard

Lucas receives some news

Ava lashes out

Sonny plays dumb

Drew is conflicted as he wants to respect Kim’s wishes as Oscar’s primary caregiver for most of his life.

But, after spending time with Sam, he realizes he would want to know if he were Oscar.

Meanwhile, Oscar remains oblivious to everything, but also maybe senses something.

He starts to act impulsively and by the end of the week, Kim starts tearing into Drew.

While Drew deals with Oscar, Elizabeth deals with Cameron and his bad attitude.

She knows she needs to be more strict, but she also now knows through Kim how short life can be, even for your children.

When things go from bad to worse in the Webber house, Franco begins doubting himself, but then becomes unnerved.

Mike certainly doesn’t act with caution when he rigs a gas leak at Charlie’s Pub. He’s shaken when he sees Kristina, but things look like they go okay for her as she’s opening up to Sam later in the week.

Mike has his problems and grandson Michael has his own. When Nelle makes contact with a letter, Michael is conflicted and not sure what to do until Carly tells him in no uncertain terms — do NOT write back.

Nina convinces herself her baby survived when all she has to go on is the plot of a Broadway musical. However, Curtis learns even more information that confirms all of Valentin’s suspicions.

Will either of these men eventually tell a hopeful Nina what they know? Anyone?

Peter might learn a thing or two next week when Robin pays a visit to get to know her older brother. Spoilers also reveal that Maxie is confused and Lulu is conflicted.


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