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Sonny weekly spoiler post (Oct 8-12) spoiler

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First off I have to say if you're not a fan of an actor or a story line on twitter please don't send nasty tweets to the actors. The actors are not the characters they portray and they don't write for the show. So tagging them with insults is not only cruel but rude. Frank Valentini has basically said he doesn't pay attention to tweets because they don't necessarily mirror the opinions of everyone that watches the show. So you are not getting anywhere you are just making your self look mean, petty and rude. And cowardly.

I will admit to only doing it once and my tweet wasn't about the character or the story line. I'm sorry but when you're in your 50s and still posing for pictures like the kind you see in teen magazines: topless and hooking your thumb through your underwear to pull it down just enough to avoid a triple XXX rating and then posting that picture on twitter just makes you look silly. Not classy. If Maurice did that I'd feel the same way!

I don't follow actors on the show I don't like and if I post anything about the story line I don't tag the actors in that scene with insults.
If GH or Frank V tweets about actors or story lines I'm not interested, I just ignore them.

I don't tear up easily for GH anymore but Morgan's memorial scene had me grabbing tissues. It was nice to see people getting together with love to honor someone they lost and support loved ones. Everything about those scenes were poignant and lovely. Where the heck was Alexis though? Her daughters lost a brother and a cousin and a beloved friend. Why wasn't she there? She has a child with Sonny. No she had to be put awkwardly into a scene to run into Wimpy. Jeese, please stop pushing this polarizing couple ! It's dangerous to send women a message that it's ok to go back to their abuser, especially when the abuser is white washed with the flimsiest of excuses. We're not that stupid writers. Also, it's a joke that she chastises Sam about Jason, who is a mobster just like Wimpy but never once harmed Sam or hurt her the way Wimpy terrorized and hurt Alexis. Just let Alexis move on already !

I love the spoilers that say Ava will be back to her evil self since being reformed didn't do her any good. She sabotaged Griffin's career, she helped Loony frame Carly and put her in in Ferncliffe, and she used Mike, a man who has Alzheimer's, to blackmail Sonny to get visitation rights to Avery. When was she ever good?? And how funny is it that she is scarier than Wimpy is on his best day!

Yes I know the story line for Sonny was changed to make him an 18 year old killer but it doesn't bother me, because, as I said, Laura was younger than that when she committed her first murder. Then she let her mother take the blame !

Magoo seems like a charmer. I hope Drew steers clear of her.


Monday October 8:

Jordan has bad news for Margaux.

Sam makes a bold move.

Kiki chastises Ava.


Tuesday October 9:

Margaux has an ace up her sleeve.

Kim looks to take drastic measures.

Oscar looks to make a change.


Wednesday October 10:

Jason agrees with Carly.

Mike shares his concerns.

Oscar begins his day with Liz.


Thursday October 11:

Margaux stands firm in her decision.

Felicia makes an announcement.

Griffin looks forward to his future.


Friday October 12:

Nina regrets her actions.

Sam has a late lunch date with Alexis.

Jordan shares her regrets.


Monday October 15:

Carly gets a surprise.

Sonny’s conversation with Jason is cut short.

Drew thinks things over.


Tuesday October 16:

Jason seeks Monica’s help.

Ava finds a new drinking buddy.

Kiki gets an idea.


Wednesday October 17:

Drew considers his choices.

Sonny puts everything into perspective.

Maxie offers words of encouragement.


Thursday October 18:

Kim leans on Bobbie.

Alexis starts her day with Julian.

Cameron can’t help himself.

Friday October 19:

Sonny gives Jason an update.

Drew makes his decision.

Jordan has news for Curtis.


SOD Fall previews

Kiki and Griffin begin to question their friendship.

Margaux tries to get Drew to use his ‘Jason memories’ in order to convict Sonny in her father’s murder.

When Drew refuses, Margaux believes the flashdrive will help change his mind.

Drew realizes Margaux has the flash drive.

Valentin receives news from Curtis – a second set of DNA results prove Sasha is Nina’s daughter.

Nina trusts Curtis and believes the DNA results.

Nina and Valentin reconnect when she receives shocking news.

Sam has a surprise visitor.

Chase and Michael become good friends.

Kevin wants to help rehabilitate Ryan.

Ryan has unfinished business in Port Charles and plans to murder Lucy but worries Laura will uncover his true identity.

When Ryan responds coldly to Laura, she feels bad for leaving ‘Kevin’ and wants to make up for lost time.

Ryan decides to bide his time and not do anything rash, where Lucy and Laura are concerned, and focuses on his main target – Felicia, who seeks out ‘Kevin’, which plays right into Ryan’s hands.

Laura and Lulu reconnect over the changes in their marriages.

Spencer will reappear in town

Another family crisis will affect the planning of Franco and Liz’s wedding, as well as their immediate lives.

On their search for answers surrounding Cassandra, Anna and Finn may stumble upon a bigger mystery.

A legal case draws Alexis into Julian and Kim’s orbit.

Kristina could be headed down a dangerous path.

​Sam takes action

Alexis has some advice for Sam

Jason wants to take things slow

Jason and Carly are on the same page

Mike is worried

Margaux receives bad news

Margaux may be down, but she's not out

Margaux refuses to waver

Valentin is given a warning

Drew receives an important call

A desperate Kim is willing to do whatever it takes

Julian weighs in with his two cents

Oscar makes a decision

Oscar gets some help from Liz

Aiden is the target of bullies

Felicia has news to share

Lulu helps a friend

Nina is filled with regret

Kiki blasts her mother

Ava bumps into Scott

Griffin feels hopeful

Finn is left speechless

Maxie's spirits sag

Michael is on edge

Sonny and Jason are interrupted

Ava enjoys drinks with a kindred spirit

Drew weighs his options

Julian and Alexis greet the dawn together

Curtis gets some news

Britt Westbourne makes an unexpected appearance

Dark secrets lurk in Drew's past

Michael finds himself at a crossroads

Ryan's sojourn comes to an end, but not without casualties

Spencer returns to Port Charles

Women in Port Charles go after what they want but use caution at the same time.

Sam makes a bold move with Jason, but things don’t quite go as planned when Drew needs someone to talk to and turns right to Sam.

Jason totally gets it and makes himself scarce and later tells Sam he wants to take his time. Sam may wonder what the entire past year has been if not time, but since they are now getting somewhere, she lets Jason be Jason.

Meanwhile, Drew has absolutely no clue that Margaux is completely using him to get what she wants.

When Jordan tells she DA she needs to drop the investigation into her father’s death due to lack of evidence, Margaux decides she’ll make Sonny pay any way she can.

She has an ace up her sleeve and that ace is a flash drive full of Jason Morgan memories, as well as Drew Cain memories. Drew can have the one thing he wants most (aside from finding a cure for Oscar), but Margaux is keeping it from him.

Jason, Mike, and Carly know how much trouble is on the way from this woman, but they couldn’t even guess the ammunition she has.

Oscar looks to make a change in his life – or whatever life he thinks he has left. However, Kim is sick of watching her son go through all this turmoil and takes drastic measures. He also spends a day with Elizabeth, which can get quite interesting considering Cam is keeping a secret for him.

Nina does not have an easy time of it when she reaches out to her daughter and is then firmly rejected. Lulu is there to comfort Nina, who later regrets her decisions.

Ava feels free to be herself and do all the nasty things she’s always done because what good did being good do her? We say, be yourself Ava, and welcome back.

Kiki verbally goes after her mother again while parading around the park with her mother’s ex.

At least Scotty and Ava have a chance to catch up, and that’s always good for some laughs.

In other Port Charles news, Laura puts Valentin on notice, Maxie feels deflated, and Felicia makes a big announcement.

Margaux’s Secret Weapon To Bring Down Sonny!
Sonny is sweating over DA Margaux’s mission to make him pay for the long-ago murder of her father. And unbeknownst to him, she’s willing to play her trump card to achieve just that. Carly and Jason do their best to put Sonny’s mind at ease. However, this is cold comfort to the don. Margaux tries to get Drew to use his Jason memories to help her pin Vincent’s murder on Sonny, revealing to him that the victim was her father. Drew doesn’t consider this a top priority. But, that’s not to say that Margaux is ready to give up, as she still has an ace up her sleeve: The flash drive with Drew’s memory map.

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