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The Robin Thicke Debate - Is He Desperate Or Fighting for His Marriage?

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Date: Wed, 02-Jul-2014 6:02:19 AM PDT
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Robin Thicke, musician and son of Alan Thicke, separated from his wife some time ago and ever since he's been making public emotional pleas to her...and he's not being subtle about it at all. His new album is called "Paula." At the BET Awards he started the performance by saying it was dedicated to his wife and how much he miss and loves her and that he's sorry. His new music video is basically showing what could be texts or similar messages the two have exchanged during this break. Robin met Paula Patton in 1991 at the age of 14 and started dating at 16. They were married in 2005, and have a son, Julian. initial thought was this is absolutely wrong and humiliating and he messed up and it's too late. I also don't think it should be so public. Robin got blasted yesterday in a VH-1 chat on Twitter and it caused my friend to address it on Facebook.


Her post:

"I think I'm the only person that thinks it's amazing, gimmick or not, that Robin Thicke is so vocal about his feelings, the mistakes he's made and making it right with his estranged wife. I think we're so used to disposable relationships, never saying sorry and moving on before you've actually manned/womaned up on the mistakes you've made to recognize when someone is attempting to do so. There's something to be said for someone taking responsibility and apologizing for a mistake. Just some thoughts as I listen to the album..."

"I'm speaking on the simplistic human act of taking responsibility and apologizing when doing something wrong. Nobody does that basic thing anymore and finds the act almost embarrassing when it's done. Sad state of affairs if that's considered uncomfortable and or humiliating to ppl to step up when you've done something wrong"

Other supporters (all married females):

"You're not alone. People don't take their vows seriously these days. He made a commitment and he f*&#%d up and he's trying to make it right! That's what you do when you devote your LIFE to someone!!!!"

"I don't think it's "gimmick" at all. I think that man genuinely misses his wife! And whatever it is he did he is now seeing it was NOT worth losing his wife. He's pulling out all the stand up acts he can to get his wife back...And I AINT MAD @ HIM!!"


Thoughts?? Comments??

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