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Oldest Jaggett is ***MOVING*** ...and other life changes...

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Date: Wed, 05-Jul-2017 5:58:56 AM PDT
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Abby is moving out in mid-September. She and her boyfriend of 7 years are renting an apartment together. I'm excited for her to go out on her's a milestone....but I will miss her like crazy. She's my buddy. :)

Youngest Jaggett is having a very tough time dealing with the upcoming move. Two weeks of daily meltdowns and anger. That was really tough to deal with for everyone in our house. Change is one of her least favorite things.

Youngest jaggett will move to Abs room. We now have her focused on decorating the space to make it her own. She has chosen a Disney princess theme (shocking, I She is MOST EXCITED about the upgrade to a bedroom with a walk-in closet. :D

Abby begins her Masters program at Thomas Jefferson University this month. In 2.5 years she will graduate with her Masters in Occupation Therapy! I'm so proud of our girl. :)

Youngest graduated from HS in June. She will be participating in a job coaching program through our school district until she turns 21. This will give her an opportunity to learn about and try out multiple types of employment and see what (if anything) peeks her interest.

My babies are grown! INSANE!

How did my parents deal with raising seven children and watching them move out? :/

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