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Five Questions For Friday--the Vacation Edition

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Date: Fri, 21-Jul-2017 8:40:11 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
We're about halfway through summer, give or take a week or two (and going by June-July-August as the summer months as opposed to the calendar start of summer). People at work are taking time off, even though they shouldn't be, since this is our busy season, but <shrugs> whatever. So here's five questions about vacation...

1. Lots of families take off in the summer because that's when their kids are off. When is your favorite time to go on vacation?

2. Are you more likely to plan the heck out of your vacation, right down to researching where you're going to eat breakfast each day, or do you play it more by ear, see where the day takes you?

3. When you vacation, do you prefer to stay in a motel, a hotel, a campsite, an RV or a family member or friend's house?

4. I may have asked this before--with over a year of asking five questions every Friday, I'm running out of topics <g>--but what was the very best vacation you ever took (and why)?

5. Finally--and maybe I should've led off with this--forget the dream destination. Where are you most likely to go to next for vacation?

My answers when I get some time later in the day...

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