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Five Frivolous Questions For Friday

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Date: Fri, 28-Jul-2017 8:46:36 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
Frivolous for a reason I started to type out but thought better of it <g>. Let's just say I can use some frivolity right now. Anyways...

1. Do you regularly practice "Meatless Monday" or other healthy eating habits?

2. I've seen the commercials for Dos Equis beer and...sorry, that guy's not the most interesting man in the world. Who's the most interesting person you know, or want to know?

3. One of my co-workers has a terrible case of poison ivy right now. Have you ever had poison ivy or any of the other plant poisons that cause a skin condition?

4. Over the course of, let's say a week, how much reading do you do? Books, magazines, anything online count, backs of cereal boxes or nutrition labels on canned foods do not <g>.

5. And finally, I kind of hate the commercial for...I don't even know...that has the couple needing to use their smartphone to call up city noises when they're camping, because it's too quiet to sleep. Question: how quiet do you need it to be to sleep normally? (I think most of us can sleep under the noisiest of circumstances if we're tired enough).

My answers later this afternoon!

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