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Five Questions For the First Friday in August

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Date: Fri, 04-Aug-2017 8:41:12 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
So far, it's been a pretty wet one...the storms started yesterday afternoon and have continued on and off all this morning. Good thing I'm at work and not, say, an amusement park (which btw happened to a young co-worker of mine earlier in July--he had a day off, so he went to Cedar Point with friends and got to ride about four rides between the thunderstorms).

Onto the questions!

1. Without Googling (or asking a friend), do you know why they're called the "dog days of August"?

2. In honor of my meal with my good high school friend yesterday...what toppings do you like best on your pizza?

3. Another food question--what two foods do you like separately but not together? For example, I have a co-worker who loves chocolate and loves peanut butter...but does NOT like Reese's Peanut Butter cups. <gasp> I cannot even imagine...

4. You've chosen to watch a certain TV much does what airs before and after your show matter to you?

5. And finally, the saying about people living in glass houses shouldn't throw you/would you LIKE to live in a "glass" house? Or at least a house with more window than wall?

My answers in a bit...providing the power doesn't go out here at work. Which wouldn't be a bad thing!

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