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WWSD: Someone steals your car, you....

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Date: Mon, 21-Aug-2017 9:41:41 AM PDT
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On my way home the radio announcer wanted people to call in with good stories. A girl called in that she'd just picked up her new car after her old one was stolen.

As they started to chat, the truth came out.

She knows who stole her car. She didn't report the crime and instead agreed to allow the person a "payment plan" to pay back what is owed on the old car that is now lost to her.

Assuming the person who stole the car is a family member or a friend... if said person stole your car (in the sense that the car was lost to you FOREVER because of their theft) would you report the crime to the police?

Immediately I was like YES, ABSOLUTELY I'd report the crime and then cut that person right out.

In the girl's story, I'm not sure I would agree to a payment plan. If the person is shady enough that they stole your car in the first place, they're shady enough to stiff you on the payments.

What would SZ do?

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