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Five Questions For Friday: the (one day early) Birthday Edition

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Date: Fri, 08-Sep-2017 8:41:16 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
Yep, tomorrow will be the start of the last year I can tell people I'm "in my 40s". I don't actually mind...I'm even looking forward to turning 50 next year, if only to get discounts from AARP <g>. Onto the questions!

1. "I was born at night...but not last night". True for me--I was born at 11:39 PM. Do you know what time of the day (or night) you were born?

2. In my circle of friends, I'm one of the youngest. I've noticed recently that I hang out with a lot of older people. Question: would you categorize your friends (or acquaintances) as mostly older than you, mostly younger than you, mostly about the same age or all variety of ages?

3. One of my friends recently turned 50...and didn't want anyone to know. She *never* wants a big fuss on her birthday. I'm the exact opposite: for 364 days of the year, I'll be the wind beneath everyone else's wings, but on my birthday, I'm the birthday QUEEN :-) Question: on your birthday, are you the birthday queen (or king), or do you prefer your birthday pass with little or no celebration?

4. One of the go-to gifts for me is chocolate. Don't know what to get me? Get me chocolate, any kind. I love it! Question: do your friends and family have a "go to" gift for you?

5. And finally...I'm not a huge fan of cake, though I occasionally make an exception for my birthday. I do love Trader Joe's flourless chocolate cake, but I prefer cookies, or maybe an ice cream cake on my birthday. Question: with what edible treat do you celebrate YOUR birthday?

Since I answered my own questions, no need for me to add my answers below, but I would love to read yours! The ladies at work are taking me out tonight for a birthday dinner and gambling at the Hard Rock Rocksino, so it might not be until a bit later in the evening that I get to answer.

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