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Five Questions For Friday...and a request

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Date: Fri, 15-Sep-2017 8:43:55 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
First the request: I'll be on vacation starting next Saturday. While I'll still be in town on Friday, I'll have a TON of work to do before I'm "allowed" <g> to leave, and then I'll have a ton of other stuff to do per-vacation, because I procrastinate like that, so I won't have time to do a Five Questions post next week. Anyone want to put one up? Amber--you did a great job last time... I'll even give you a topic: next Friday is right around the start of fall :-)

And now the questions! Nothing serious this time, so no hard thinking required...I don't think.

1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, or so we're told. What's the oddest thing you've ever eaten for breakfast?

2. Speaking of you have a favorite kind of apple? I'm really curious about this one, as Dad swears he can't taste the difference between kinds, and I don't think he quite believes me that there IS a difference <g>.

3. Pumpkin spice is back...and has been since mid-August here. I know my brother is cringing, as am I, though my dislike isn't as strong as his. The question is...pumpkin spice: yay or nay?

4. Have you ever bought or sold a vehicle without going through a dealership? I wonder because it seems like right now, every fourth house has a car for sale on the front lawn.

5. And finally, a question from Dad--I have him to thank for my curiosity <g>. He just got the brand new township phone book and wanted to know...when was the last time you ever used a phone book, instead of just Googling or using some other tech to get the info you wanted?

I'll be back later this afternoon to answer, then I'll be taking a break. My aunt is taking me out for a birthday dinner tonight :-)

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