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I think my sister's eating disorder is going to kill her.

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Date: Thu, 28-Sep-2017 4:00:01 AM PDT
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There is nothing I can do about it.

She won't go out of her house except to see her therapist which is only once a week if that. I know she's canceled before.

The doctor wants her in inpatient care, but the facilities want $4500 upfront to accept her. She doesn't have that kind of money. Two other therapists have refused to treat her because she needs that inpatient care.

I have tried everything. I've invited her places but am always told no. The last time she went out was for about 45 minutes to the Alzheimer's Walk two weeks ago, and that was only because I forced her. Now, she is determined not to see anyone or go anywhere. People constantly get in touch with me worried about her, and I tell them the whole truth. Everyone except one person has been extremely compassionate. (That one person isn't a nice person on a regular day though.)

I'm lost. I know mental illness is something above my pay grade. I do get frustrated with her because her doctor told her she will be dead in 6 months if she doesn't get help. She even told me at the walk that her heart has been skipping.

She is probably under 100 pounds by now. The last time she told me her weight 3 weeks ago it was right around there.

I'm scared and frustrated and I don't know what to do. She won't even leave her house.

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