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Five Questions for the Friday at the End of My Vacation

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Date: Fri, 29-Sep-2017 8:13:25 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
But...but...but...I don't WANNA go back to work! Strangely, the thing that bothers me most about going back to work isn't the work itself, or my co-workers or boss (though they can be really trying sometimes)'s having to get up at 6:30 AM. I love being home earlier, but it's just so tough for me to be up that early...

Enough whining--on to the questions!

1. What's your favorite part of vacationing? Is it the sights? The getting together with whomever you vacation with? Or just plain not being at work?

2. What's the hardest part of returning from vacation?

3. Why is it so many hotels put their showerheads only about 5 feet up the wall, forcing so many of us to have to bend our knees to rinse our hair? Seriously, WHY?

4. What kind of souvenirs do you usually buy (or get for free) while on vacation? Bonus question: Do you ever buy souvenirs for anyone else while on vacation?

5. Are you more likely to gain or lose weight (or maintain) when on vacation?

My answers in a few minutes, then I think I'm heading out to West Side Market for the afternoon.

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