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A late Five Questions For Friday--the "Have You Ever?" Edition

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Date: Fri, 06-Oct-2017 11:11:49 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
Sorry for the tardiness--we got an uncharacteristic special order this week for a lot of books. A LOT of books. Which yay for a full paycheck but boo for having to put in an effort on a Friday. And a boss-less Friday at that; Primary Boss is sleeping off the victory celebration from after last night's Indians' win (sorry, Kitchop!), which he witnessed in person.

On to the questions...

1. Have you ever driven more than 30 minutes (or rode public transportation) specifically to eat at a certain restaurant? If you did, hopefully you found other things to do in the area...

2. Have you ever woken up one morning and decided to just GO somewhere for longer than a few hours, or even the full day...and then did so?

3. Have you ever hung out with a celebrity without having to pay for it? Autograph signings or meet and greets at cons don't count; I'm thinking something casual, maybe unexpected.

4. Have you ever had an honest to goodness enemy?

5. Have you ever refrained from posting something on SZ because another poster had already said everything you would've said?

My answers after work. Ugh, work, work, WORK.

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