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Five Questions for Friday the 13th <cue eerie music>

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Date: Fri, 13-Oct-2017 8:37:22 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
Since this happens several times a year, I've already asked if everyone was superstitious (for the most part, no). So today's questions will be superstition-related...

1. Every Friday the 13th, I get Stevie Wonder's song "Superstitious" stuck in my head. Question: what's your favorite song about superstitions, magic or just plain weirdness?

2. "Find a penny, pick it up/and all the day, you'll have good luck" (or a bad back, as my family says). Question: what was the most amount of money you've ever found at one time? Bonus question--did you get to keep it? <g>

3. Do you believe in beginner's luck?

4. We're supposed to knock on wood for good luck. Question: do you prefer décor that's mostly wood, metal, plastic, a combination of these or something else entirely?

5. When you spill salt, you're supposed to immediately throw some over your shoulder to ward off the bad luck associated with spilt salt. Question: do you still season food with a lot of salt, or have you moved on to something else?

My answers later...then after work today, I'm going out to dinner and then to the local library to paint wineglasses with my aunt, so my responses to everyone might be a bit late :-)

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