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Five Questions For an Unseasonably Warm (here) Friday

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Date: Fri, 20-Oct-2017 8:51:57 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
Jeez, am I *ever* going to get to wear all my nice fall/spring tops? While I do love the sunshine and not shivering my way through the day or night, I'd like it to feel more "fall". Plus we're in a moderate drought right now. I'd actually like to see some rain soon.

Now for the questions...

1. A fluffy question to start with...ricotta cheese: yay, nay or "eh"? I ask because I made lasagna last week, and when I read some of the comments after the recipe which I got online, I was surprised at how many people said "great recipe, but I substituted cottage cheese for the ricotta".

2. Speaking of fall clothing...what's your favorite article of clothing to wear when the weather gets cooler?

3. Do you like riddles? If so...are you good at solving them?

4. I've probably asked this before--I'm almost to the point where I've asked EVERYTHING before--but what would be your dream car to drive?

5. And finally, do you like to have the last word? An amusing story about that...bff had a dog--Eldi (the phonetic spelling of L.D, which stood for Little Dog...although at 40 pounds, she wasn't exactly "little", but she was less than half the weight of any of the dogs bff previously owned)--who had to have the last word, or maybe the last bark. She was hilarious; she'd be barking, and you'd tell her to quiet down, and she would, but then she'd let out a single woof, then you'd tell her to be quiet, and she would for a bit, then look at you almost slyly and let out another single, quieter "woof"...and do it again and again until you just had to give up or be there all night long.

My answers later this afternoon...

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