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Five Not So Spooky Questions for the Friday Before Halloween

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Date: Fri, 27-Oct-2017 6:22:25 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
The only thing scary about this post is how quickly I put it up this week <g>.

Here are your questions...

1. Halloween...are you glad it's become a big deal, even for adults, or did you prefer it when it was just for the kiddies (this is actually Dad's question--he definitely preferred it being about the kids)?

2. How do you choose the candy you'll hand out on Halloween? Sales? Get what you love so you can eat the leftovers? Get what you hate so you DON'T eat the leftovers? Get what's in demand in your neighborhood? Something else?

3. What was the best costume you've ever seen? Bonus question: what was the best costume you ever personally wore?

4. Speaking of handing out you know the significance of a teal pumpkin? If so...what do you think?

5. If you could be any kind of monster, ghoul or creepy supernatural being, what would you like to be?

My answers probably after's a surprisingly busy Friday, and I'm all alone in my department.

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