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Five Questions For Friday--Another Early Edition

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Date: Fri, 03-Nov-2017 7:07:51 AM PDT
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
Good morning (or afternoon, or evening, depending on when you're reading this)! I'm taking my last vacation day of the "year" today--our vacation time is based on our hire in dates; mine is November 5--and meeting bff, who also has a rare day off, in Mentor for a session in a salt cave


We both laughed when we found out Mentor has not one but TWO salt caves, and the one bff booked our appointments at was NOT the one we both were thinking of. No, she went and got us appointments at the apparently uber-strict cave. Take a look at this list of rules and tell me how I'm supposed to "relax" and "enjoy"?


Despite that, I'm really looking forward to onto the questions!

1. I've been working lately on adding to the family (printed) you own any cookbooks, or are all your recipes either in your head or off the internet?

2. Other than your signature, can you still write in cursive? Bonus question--when was the last time you tried?

3. Admit it (or don't) you still snicker like a 12 year old at double entendres?

4. I'm considering throwing myself a 50th birthday party next year...bff thinks it's "pathetic" to throw yourself a party. Admittedly, it's better if someone else does the work for you, but be honest--would you think less of someone throwing themselves a party?

5. As the Astros were celebrating their World Series victory, an Astros player took advantage of the moment and proposed to his girlfriend (she said yes). Question: would you personally like being the center of a million people's attention that way, or would you prefer a more intimate proposal? If you've been proposed to, share the story...and if you wish it had been done differently or not <g>.

My answers in a little bit...I might even be first to reply today :-)

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