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F-f-f-ive Questions for a F-f-frigid F-f-f-friday

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Date: Fri, 10-Nov-2017 8:23:21 AM PST
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
Hey, who let all the red out of my thermometer? It's a chilly 28 degrees here and snow is blanketing the roofs and lawns (but so far not the roads, thank goodness). I am NOT ready for this! But I bet you're ready for some questions, so here goes...

1. This is a tough one, I think...I heard on the radio that millennials are changing the work force by demanding a better work/life balance and not being afraid to leave a job that isn't "perfect". My question--what is the one thing you most want in a job at this time? Job security? A big salary? Benefits? Doing something that makes you really happy? Or would you pick something else? Note--you don't have to actually HAVE that quality at your current job to choose it.

2. Do you ever shop at thrift stores such as Salvation Army, Goodwill, or maybe a mom and pop shop? If so, what was the best purchase you ever made? If not, why not?

3. I was watching "The Lottery Changed My Life" the other day and marveled at the fact that the winner was pouring a LOT of his winnings back into...buying more lottery tickets. If you won BIG playing the lotto, would you buy more lottery tickets?

4. A question I think I know the answer to, but I'll ask you ever say things to your close friends and family that you wouldn't want people who don't know you to overhear?

5. And finally, I nicked this from a back issue of The Atlantic...who's your favorite celebrity family. It doesn't have to be actor--could be royalty, could be a musically talented family, could be an athletically gifted family. It DOES have to be a famous family and a non-fiction family. Praying nobody answers "The Kardashians"...

I'll be back later when my fingers have thawed out some and I can type up some coherent answers.

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