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Five Questions For Friday--the Pre-Holiday Edition

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Date: Fri, 17-Nov-2017 9:00:29 AM PST
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
And I'm not ready...for this post, not the holidays! I'm trying to think up 5 questions on the fly here, so bear with me if some are repetitive...or stupid <g>. Here goes!

1. In honor of American Thanksgiving...dark meat turkey, white meat turkey, some other meat for the holiday meal (my maternal grandpa hated turkey, so it was always Cornish hen on their TG table) or no meat at all?

2. What are you most thankful for this year? Bonus question: if you do the big TG get together (or even a small one), do you go around the table saying what you're thankful for?

3. Have you ever ditched the big family gathering (at any holiday) for a personal vacation? Say, a big ski trip or lounging on a Southern beach while the rest of the family is up North?

4. A local news station shared this question, which amused me, so I'll share it here--which person in your family is the most likely to get drunk at the holidays? If your family doesn't drink, who'll behave the worst?

5. And rubber straps attached to shirts or dresses to keep them from falling off the hanger in the store? Do you leave them on your clothes or cut them off when you get home?

My answers later in the day!

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