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Five Questions For Black Friday 2017 :-)

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Date: Fri, 24-Nov-2017 8:52:47 AM PST
Where: SoapZone Community Message Board
Posting a little late because hey, it's a holiday for my workplace (which means a day off WITH pay, so yay!). I've spent part of the morning cleaning out Dad's cupboards, not of foodstuffs but kitchenware that he never uses. "The Perfect Pancake" pancake pan, anyone? He's recycling the stuff that is too gross to reuse and donating the stuff that someone else might want. Anyways, here's today's questions...

1. Are you out shopping, or did you already go out shopping? If so, what did you get?

2. If BF shopping isn't your thing, how do you usually spend the day after Thanksgiving? If you work, or if you're somewhere where today isn't Black Friday, how would you LIKE to be spending today <g>?

3. Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday--you're encouraged to shop locally. What are some of your favorite local places to shop at? Restaurants count...

4. What's your favorite Thanksgiving leftover? Again, if it's not TG weekend for you, what are your favorite <pick a holiday> leftovers?

5. Based on something I was watching this you, or would you, ever dress a pet in human clothing?

My answers after I go get about 50 pounds of 20+ year old dirt and spider webs off of me. If anyone needs a Perfect Pancake maker, or some really old (but not old enough to be collectible) glass canisters, or a nice but cheap vase, let me know!

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